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Batman, Vol. 5: Zero Year - Dark City (2014)

Batman, Vol. 5: Zero Year - Dark City (2014)
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Batman, Vol. 5: Zero Year - Dark City...
Batman, Vol. 5: Zero Year - Dark City (2014)

About book: Starting with the 1990's animated Batman series the Riddler became my favorite Batman villain. Sure, the Joker is the great nemesis, and Bane is the one who broke the bat, but the Riddler has no brawn, no agility, just an extremely sharp mind which brings out the detective side of DC's proclaimed greatest detective. The Year Zero storyline gives us the New 52 version of the Riddler and brings him to new heights in what is both his and Batman's origin story. Very good second (and final) part to Batman Vol.4 bringing to a close the Year Zero plotline. Snyder wraps up Zero Year in Dark City, a volume full of thrills and great payoff to what was set up in Secret City, though it ends up being a bit less concise.I'm surprised this wasn't made into two volumes, with the stories included in the upcoming volume 6 split between them. I don't have too much to complain about though, the sheer amount of content here is incredible.While enjoyed both the Dark City and Savage City arcs contained here, they didn't hook me as much until each of their final issues, which were both excellent.Dark City introduces Doctor Daeth, an old forgotten Batman villain from his earliest adventures, re-imagined here as a man made of toenails. He injects people with a formula which causes their bones to grow uncontrollably, leaving some horrific corpses behind. Being Batman's early years, the police of course blame Batman. The initial issues are interesting but a bit muddled, and though I did like the conflict between Bruce and Gordon, the way it was resolved was a bit contrived. I don't mind Gordon just happening to find Batman in his boat, but his decision to open up to him about Bruce Wayne was a bit contrived.Dark City ends spectacularly with the Riddler putting his plans into motion and Batman fighting Doctor Death on a weather balloon in the middle of a hurricane. Even better, the Riddler actually wins, with Batman utterly failing to stop his plans. The climax of this volume is great, with the last few pages being especially powerful.Savage City tells the parallel stories of Batman, Gordon and Lucius Fox against the Riddler, and Bruce's troubled childhood after losing his parents. Batman wrestles lions and fights Riddler Robots, in scenes that make me wish other writers weren't so stingy about making Batman "gritty and realistic". The story is good but Riddler seems a little too prepared for every eventuality, though Batman does track him down eventually none the less. The final issue in here is great, with Batman struggling to solve all of Nygma's riddles in time before the government accidentally blows up Gotham. The Riddles are very good too, none of the lame " Hurr hurr I run but I have no legs" types, these riddles are actually challenging. And that final punch Batman delivers to Nygma is very satisfying. Following the climax, Snyder hammers home what Batman realizes he has to be after all this, and what that means for his life and the people around him moving forward. There's a touching scene where Alfred imagines Bruce's life if he had been able to move on, and its heartbreaking. I'm not sure what Gordon's bat-signal to the bombers would really accomplish though, I'm surprised they reacted at all.This volume also comes across as a lot more of "Batman's Early Adventures" than "Batman's origin story". It certainly doesn't detract from it though.Capullo's art is outstanding as always, with Zero Year's colourful palette continuing to make a beautiful book.Dark City isn't quite the triumph Secret City was, but it was still an outstanding finish, and I look forward to what Snyder brings next.
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Minor points off for The Riddler as Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
Snyder was born to write The Batman.
Another good installment by Snyder.
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