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Bayou Moon (2010)

Bayou Moon (2010)
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Bayou Moon (2010)
Bayou Moon (2010)

About book: 3 1/2 stars. I liked this, right down to the distant members of the extended family. They're a cute couple and the whole thing is quite adorable. It really is just a lot of fun and William getting the hang of having a family (made of awesome) is what makes this. And that's probably why it's 3 stars rather than four - I'm a bit sad about the ending. I don't think you could have the same dynamics anymore. I get that romance readers want to know everything is taken care of and they as the metaphorical m.c. are now protected, safe, powerful and rich and everyone loves them and wants to be them, but I think their true happiness would have been staying and being a clan. The major problem of delving into the second book of a series whose debut I loved is that sometimes I just get let down. And such was the case here. First, while I knew it going in, it was still a disappointment to be completely shifting main characters. I wanted more of the characters from volume 1. What, did they suddenly become dead boring the moment they got married? I can't imagine the author feels that way since the Magic Bites series managed just fine with a monogamous central pair and didn't feel the need to hare off too much (yeah yeah, the Andrea books. But its not only possible but easy to read the series without delving into them). But we just have to have a feisty, talented woman and big, hulking, brooding (and rich) dude fall in love through the application of bruising while attempting to fight off a supernatural threat of an enemy. In a lot of ways, this book was just a retread of the first book. The location was different, the heroine's family was a bit bigger and a different kind of poor, but the whole thing felt like I'd already been there before, and thus I had a hard time investing in their relationship or caring if they were going to get together or not, especially as this is essentially a romance novel, so of COURSE they end up together. What else are they going to do. It's not tense. There was never any real question. And for some readers that's fine, the tension comes from when and how they finally get their HEA, not if. But I'm not a particular fan of romance, so it was very eh.Putting aside my disappointment in the story, the writing as still as good as ever, and I did like our new heroine on her own. She seemed a little more assertive than her book 1 counterpart, probably thanks to an impromptu assigning of a leadership role she doesn't feel equipped for. Some of the villains are legitimately creepy and worrisome. The actual powers are fascinating. There are bits about it I absolutely loved. But not enough. I'm trying book 3 even though I see we have yet *another* new central pairing. The writing is good enough that I'll give it a go.
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Much better than the first one. I loved it!
creepy, entertaining and funny
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