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Be All (2013)

Be All (2013)

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Marie Wathen

About book Be All (2013)

This book confused me slightly as it's written from three different points of view and as such goes back on itself in terms of the timeline. I hated that it had a cliffhanger, just as I thought we were getting to the answers I so desperately wanted.I've got my own suspicions about how the story will turn out, but then I question whether the author could really have dreamed up a plot line that cruel, who knows, we'll find out in book two I guess.Breesan is eighteen, lost her mother and father very early and has a stepmother who makes the stepmother in Cinderella look like a fairy godmother! She's afraid to allow friendships and love and has such a defensive wall built around her, and then she meets Morgan and Marcus. That made for an interesting chapter!Morgan and Marcus have a shared history of the same girl that complicates their relationship with Breesan, they both want her.Anna her best friend has been forcing friendship on her since they were little. There's a real suspense story slowly unfolding through this book, each chapter reveals another snippet, a teaser of a clue, I get the impression when it all comes out it's going to be big and blow me away.Breesan has dreams about a little boy that used to play with her and I've a suspicion that little boy is Marcus, or am I just hoping that something good will happen.It's a complicated story, there's the main suspense story, the various relationship dilemmas between several of the characters, an evil stepmother, an overbearing family who expect the son to marry for business rather than love, and no one is who they appear to be. It's a story that draws you in, has you questioning every comment, looking for answers that probably aren't there and has your imagination working overtime.I'm looking forward to reading book two! Amazing!!! I can't stop thinking about this book. I don't know how I am going to make it until the next book comes out. This book gives you romance with just the right amount of suspense. It was a perfect combination. Breesan has been hurt by her family and closes herself off. Morgan and Marcus are twin hotties who both have feelings for her. I don't want to give anything away but let me just say Hurry up November!!! Marie Wathen you rocked this book!!!

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I am SO glad I got this book for free. I would have demanded my money back had I not.

Such a great book can't wait for the next one to come out!!!

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