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Be Witched (2000)

Be Witched (2000)

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H.P. Mallory is such a witty and fun storyteller! I love her books; mainly because, no matter what I'm going through in my life at the time, they always lift my spirits and make me laugh hysterically in parts. It's easy to become attached to her characters and crave all knowledge of their feelings and experiences. It's not possible to get enough of her stories! I'm an admitted addict of H.P. Mallory's books. :) Let me start by saying I can never get enough of the amazing tales spun by HP Mallory. I go back and forth with each new release as to what my favorite series is...Dulcie or Jolie? The is a novella from Rand's perspective. I really enjoyed this novella and have re-read this installment several times. Anxiously awaiting the Sinjin novella so we the readers can get inside of his mysterious head! (hint, hint HP)

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terrible damsel in distress crap, avoid like the plague!

This book completely entertained me



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