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Bearded Lady (2000)

Bearded Lady (2000)

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I had been wanting to read this story for a long while. It had been staring at me in my amazon wish list for so long that I decided to finally purchase it and give it a try. I'm so happy I did! What a funny, true account of hair. As women, we are expected to conform in certain ways even if our beauty does not fit the narrow definition provided to us. It is so silly to be so extremely paranoid about our hair, and then on top of that, to be so judgmental of other people's hair! Everyone has hair! Some have more than others, but that is true when speaking of all characteristics, right? I just loved this story and I think it has a lot to offer. Give it a try! Kindle Single - a pretty hilarious look at the fact that we're all in denial about our little bits of facial hair. As a girl w/ PCOS who's battled through allllll the treatments that are out there since I was 15 or so, I could so relate (meds? plucking? electrolysis? waxing? laser?), but I love the fact that her whole point was that we should just get over ourselves and admit that it's NORMAL. We all have some weird, and it's cool if we want it to go away, but the fact that we're all hiding in closets pretending it's not there is kind of odd and hilarious. I'm down. Coupla swear words. Pretty riotously funny. 4 stars.

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Very short, only a Kindle single, but funny and includes some thought-provoking research.

just a funny, cute, short story about women and their "hair" infatuation

I must be one of the ten males who have actually read this book.

Kindle single - very entertaining

Surprisingly interesting.

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