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Bear's Loose Tooth (2011)

Bear's Loose Tooth (2011)
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141695855X (ISBN13: 9781416958550)
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Bear's Loose Tooth (2011)
Bear's Loose Tooth (2011)

About book: Bear and his friends are eating lunch in the forest when suddenly he feels a wibble-wobble in his mouth. What is it? Bear's got a loose tooth! This sets up the premise for the story, as all of his animal friends rally round and try to help him get the tooth out in all manner of funny ways.Children will love the rhyming nature of the book and the refrain of "Bear's loose TOOTH!" at the end of most verses. The variety of characters also makes this a great book to read aloud. You can also use funny voices for Bear's different forest friends such as Badger and Owl, which would be amusing when reading to the class. Karma Wilson writes in an easily accessible style with lots of fun onomatopoeic words, making the book perfect for use in an Early Years setting. The artwork is also beautiful and really adds to the story. With only a few sentences on each page, it's perfect to build up confidence in reading and comprehension.It's also a subject that young children can relate to when they start to lose their own milk teeth, and ties in to an understanding of how they grow and develop. Karma Wilson's done it again in Bear's Loose Tooth!Bear's a little worried when he feels something wiggling and finds out it's his tooth! Not to worry, his forest friends are coming to the rescue and they're full of ideas they're certain are bound to work.Fantastic illustrations and great read-aloud text make Bear's Loose Tooth one you definitely won't want to lose out on reading!
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One less tooth means blueberries for bear. The story is lyrical with adorable illustrations.
all of his friends look at his wiggy tooth and try everything to get it out. -Makenzie
Fun reading for kids who are about to lose their baby teeth!
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