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Beauté Entremêlée (2014)

Beauté entremêlée (2014)

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About book Beauté Entremêlée (2014)

This book was ok. I only read it because my friend loved it so. But really I could've skipped it. I think the reason its called Tangled Beauty is because the main character worked at a salon with the by the name of "Tangled" but other than that no reference what so ever. Sinclair goes on a 3-day trip with her gay friend (who hasn't come out to his parents, yet)to his parents house for their anniversary. She pretends to be his girlfriend but then meets the brother. Who is supposedly to hard to reset so why should I and experiences sexual feeling for him. Of course, brother is engaged to a famous model (who happens to be a slut) but it doesn't stop him from trying to get with Sinclair too. Somehow a crazy person it thrown in to this mix (I still don't know how) you will just have to read it. Sinclair is pretending to be Jesse fiance on the weekend, then she meet his brother Reed. All her senses in on alert upon her eyes feasting on this man. But, Reed already engagaed to a model who is very annoyingly a slut. Sinclair is not the only one, Reed also felt the pull when he saw Sin for the first time. Knowiing that Jesse won't bedded women, he tried his luck to seduced her, make her his.I really like this one!

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Everything I thought it would be. Nothing more - nothing less.

Random crazy guy. Too many writing errors. Decent story line.

It was very decent but it was a little predictable.

A little boring for my liking,... I expected more


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