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Beautiful Oblivion (2014)

Beautiful Oblivion (2014)
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Beautiful Oblivion (2014)
Beautiful Oblivion (2014)

About book: I Love Love LOVED it!! The only thing that got me was the whole *oh he'll hate me if he finds out* and originally I thought the reasoning was not there but I look back and I understand... SPOILER*********I had deduced that it was Thomas after Trent had mentioned not seeing him since he moved for his new job. that was a no brainer... but I think that she really waited to long to let the "secret" out. I mean REALLY, last page? though this does have me curious to know what she's going to do when it comes to Thomas's story xD let's just say I'm exited!!!! I dont like that it had to be between brothers. We know Thomas knew who she meant when she said she had been talking to Trent, so i honestly dont understand why he never confronted his brother. -_-.The only other bad part or uniteresting part about the book that left me not-so satisfied was the whole "but Brazil was my first love and i wanna make it work" i was literally waiting the entire book for Ray to get a clue and get back with Koby. Overall it was a beautiful story, and I'm anticipating the next! much love,EmberG333 I definitely enjoyed this book way more than I enjoyed Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. Cami was great and I think Trent is a lot less volatile than Travis. The breakaway star of this book is five-year-old Olive. Seriously, that little girl is adorable. I guess one of the reasons I had to mark this book down a little in rating is that I had guessed the whole bombshell involving Cami's ex-boyfriend T.J. really early on in the book, and they wait until literally the last line to actually spell it out for the reader. Still though, it was a cute story, and I found it interesting that it also takes place at the same time as Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. That is a lot of continuity to deal with, so I'm impressed that I didn't spot any major issues with that. Well, I guess there's only a little over a month until Thomas's book comes out. Let's see what kind of girl ends up snatching up the next Maddox brother.
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Estuvo bien. Eso si, su final me sorprendio un poco, como que no me lo esperaba
I'm still confused with the ending.
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