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Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery (2009)

Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery (2009)

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Hampton Publishing

About book Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery (2009)

I admit, happily, it was a wonderful read. The lacking stars is simply because of pure editing. I understand the author apologized for the lack of....but it didn't make the read any easier. I am surprised how many people rated the story so low just because of the editing though. Does plot/characters/setting etc account for nothing??? Editing is surely important but not the win/fail mark. You can write a perfectly edited piece, grammar perfection in a box, and it could still very well be utterly boring. A piece has to be able to draw you in. The story was engaging. I do note the editing did keep throwing me back out of the book and into the word of reality. Nevertheless, it has great potential. Perhaps, one the 2nd edition when the grammar police have taken their red pens and bled all over the pages more people will garner the story a perfect 5. Time will tell. It is in my sincerest hope that all this tough criticism does not kill the author's joy of writing. As the story was wonderful and I would hate to never find out what happens next. I notice they have other pieces I will probably be checking them shortly. It was nice to have a heroine who didn't act like a bumbling idiot 100% of the time, is actually likable, and has a mind of her own! Refreshing ...oh so refreshing. Further, the boys...and yes it is plural the poor girl has a bit to much attention are over protective but not chauvinistic, which is also refreshing. The school scenes and a few others did remind me of twilight a bit. But then perhaps to even have your work compared to a multi-million dollar franchise is a compliment? A re-read through though could have saved a lot of the he-she problems (it will be a guy talking and the author says she and vice versa) Also, please stop using the word REVERIE! I get it means to be lost in thought, to daydream, even to dream. It was great seeing it used (I find it a beautiful word, je t'aime le mot)...but after about the 50th time in 142 pages I thought to myself...find a synonym....there are plenty..."shift +f7" in word can be your friend, no?Wait, wait. No more criticism about the editing! It was great, it was cheap, it was short (sadly) and it was worth every penny and minute that I spent on it. I loved how all the races were thrown together and blended so well, I loved the politics, I even loved the descriptions of this chronicle book....when will you be releasing it so I too can read it hmmm??? (I demand it in leather binding, easton press does a great job, with proper editing!) I look forward to future releases, all the luck to the author in the future and those who stumble upon this book. I really wanted to give this book more stars. However, I found the grammar errors made it difficult to read. I know she says that and editor is expensive, but she still should have proofread it better. There were so many errors that took away from the story. I had to go back and reread a sentence at least once every page.That being said, I did like the book. The plot was interesting and I think it flowed well. I wish there was a little more depth to the characters. We see a lot of Leigha's character, but not much of the other characters. I want to read the other books because I am interested in what happens, but I'm not on-the-edge-of-my-seat excited about it.

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I really enjoyed this book. looking forward to getting the next in its series

I couldn't get very far into this. The writing is absolutely atrocious.

Not exciting enough, but it was okay.

Review coming soon!

2.5 stars

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