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Beautifully Twisted (2013)

Beautifully Twisted (2013)
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Beautifully Twisted (2013)
Beautifully Twisted (2013)

About book: I read this book when it first came out and was so irritated by it, that I put it aside for another day to re-read and see if my opinion changed.As of December 22, 2013, no, it hasn't changed.I found this to be too clingy, too emotionally unstable, too contrived. If anything, it's even worse than when I read it the first time. Maybe I should've written a review the first time because it had garnered two stars. After the second re-read, it's been docked to one.Everything about this book screamed "I want to be EL James, Sylvia Day, Shiloh Walker and Evangeline Andersen, but I don't know how...and it shows."I was given such a strong alpha male that I could find absolutely no connection with him and I usually do in stories like this. I was given such a strong heroine that while I like strong characters, I felt like she was being stubborn and ineffective for the sake of just being stubborn and ineffective.The minor characters had more sass, life and better dialogue.If you're a fan of derivative writing with no imagination, then this is for you.If you're not, read books by Lauren Dane, Shiloh Walker, Evangeline Andersen and Sylvia Day - these girls have been around a lot longer when doing their angsty romances and they have been doing it better.I hope that Beautifully Twisted is not wholly representative of Jennifer Domenico's writing skills.I think she has a voice, but whomever edited her book and told her to make some schizophrenic point-of-view first and third voice storytelling needs to never set food near an editing job ever again. Nah. Its got EL James, SYlvia Day written all over it. I cant tell the difference of the hero/heroine's dialogue from all the James, Sylvia Day books. It was like I was reading a different version but of same characters. You see if I truly wanted that....scratch that, I am disappointed period.Seriously, 2 best friends falling over themselves over one woman? ! Really? I just didnt do it for me in this book.Why is it that the dialogues wasnt as suave as I read them? I mean all the right words came out of the hero and heroine, the right lines to exchange in an alpha male, dom/sub in love relationship are in this book, but it felt too clinical, too pretentious.I hope we get over this FSOG fog already.
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2.5Something about the writing that was not enjoyable. In the end, I could not finish this book.
Like fifty shades with a twist. Whole story in one book - I liked that.
4.5 stars! Holy shit those were some steamy sex scenes! Loved it!
Not what I expected but soooo much more.
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