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Because I Could Not Resist (2012)

Because I Could Not Resist (2012)

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Because I Could Not Resist, hum I guess he didn´t.This is getting hotter by the minute. Now we can clearly see that Ian as a dominant, possessive, assertive alpha male. With all the kinkiness that, that brings. After an impulse response to her tattoo situation LOL, three guys laughing about him in a car, and the tough of her skin being tainted by such thing made Ian run and rescue her :D Nothing is going to ruin such perfect girl, and of course she had to pay for having that tough.A little spanking (to say the least, for a first time the guy went all in), that made her desire spike to the maximum. But like always Ian had to go and say something stupid.We didn´t get the hot and steamy sex scene but things are getting hotter without a doubt. I like the fact that we had an insight on he´s early life, and I expect to know more about what makes this man tick. Can wait to see him in action :D I was extremely hesitant to pick up this series by Beth Kery because I wasn't a big fan at all of her previous book I read, Wicked Burn.Needless-to-say I ventured into it with wary hesitation. I was at first relieved that each book was a sort of short story that continues into the next. This was good when I discovered this because I realized that if I didn't like it, I wouldn't feel like I had wasted to much of my time.Well… I worked through the first one and before I realized it, it was finishe

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HOT HOT HOT!! The heat between the characters is sexy and leaves you wanting more.

he really has hurt her like that

Awsome but to short

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