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Because Of Anya (2002)

Because of Anya (2002)
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Because Of Anya (2002)
Because Of Anya (2002)

About book: Very educational book about alopecia areata. I appreciated that the author told the story from both the point of view of a girl who has the condition and a classmate who wants to help her but doesn't know quite how. It made me think about other conditions as well. Reading this book gave me encouragement to research more about the resources available now for people with my condition. I learned that there are even Facebook groups now! The Internet can be a wonderful thing.Three stars because I wished that the novel had gone into more depth; it felt more like a novella. Anya comes back to school, and everyone has great intentions to be supportive and to not make her feel awkward. End of the novel. But then what happens? Are they successful? What is it like for Anya long-term -- once the weather gets warmer, or if her hair does not grow back?

This book is a book about a 4th grader named Anya who really dosn't have any friends. Then in december anya gets a diese called Alopecia areta so she loses all of her hair. after christmas vacation anya waers a wig so no one will know she lost her hair. Keely is a girl in anyas class who hangs out with the snoby popular girl named stef. stef relizes that anays wearing a wig and she incourges keely to pull it off. When keely stands up to stef for the first time stef decides to take matters into her own hands. This is a wonderful story of finding yourself and of courage. i hope you would read this story and think of what you wounld do in the situation of all of the charectors.
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Lauren S
this book was the best book that i read this whole school year!! Anya is a girl that has to fight a cure to her bad disease. Keely, her only friend helps her become strong and fight the horrible illness. Anya's parents are sad because they wanted to have another baby, but they dont want to much anymore because they do not want the next child to have the same disease as anya. anya feels horrible! she doesnt go to school, doesnt have many friends, and she gets majorly embarressed in gym class! what ever will Anya do!!!! Every one should read this book it is kind of short but really good! i also think this book should get some kind of an award!!!
Leah Koch
This powerful book discusses issues of disease that could be relatable or surprising to a third grade reader. However, the book is perfect if paired with group discussion about the themes and difficult subjects. Another part of the book that I really like is the fact that Keely wants to stand up for Anya, even among Keely's friends. This situation is the perfect introduction to a discussion about bystanders and bullies. The book proposes so many opportunities for discussion that I had to include it in my library.
A librarian at our library recommended this to me, and she was so sweet, I didn't have the heart to put it back on the shelf . . . but I'm glad I took the time to read it! It's about a girl who has alopecia areata, a disease that causes her hair to fall out in chunks and possibly never grow back. I loved how Haddix shows both her perspective and that of her classmates and how they dealt with learning she was wearing a wig. It was very well-written and a super-fast read, but worth the time. It's one of those I'd love my daughter to read.
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