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Becoming More (2013)

Becoming More (2013)

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"Most of the time we find that one person who shows us what true love really feels like. The kind of love that heals, strengthens, and pushes you to be a better person. It's the kind of love that's passionate and enduring. It's always forgiving. It's what I have with......."I absolutely loved this book! From page one I was hooked. This book is so much more then just an everyday story. It leaves you asking what if. It shows you that real love does exist, you just have to open your eyes and look in front of you, instead of behind you. It's make you see that living in the past will get you nowhere, you must live In the here and now and make the decisions you believe are the best for you!This story was Beautiful! It's starts with the main character Lilly going to college with her long time boyfriend Sander and best friend Lauren. She is ready to start her new life as a grown up with making her own decisions and living the college life. But as soon as she gets to college everything starts taking a downward spiral. Her boyfriend Sander starts becoming someone she doesn't know and her best friend and roommate starts distancing herself from Lilly. She is then left to find a new group of friends and that is where we meet the sexy and charming Colton. She feels an automatic attraction to him but doesn't know how to react to it. The story goes on and we follow her throughout her struggles with having to mend her broken relationship with Sander while also trying to stay in the friend zone with Colton, which ends up not working out so well for her. She is tested to her limits when Sander not once but twice does the unthinkable and she is left feeling more alone then ever. She finally has to grow up and stand on her own two feet and make decisions that she believes are the best for her. But those decisions end up backfiring on her and send her on a tail spin of emotions that leave her lonely, heartbroken and not having the strength to let go. She finally realizes that life goes on and there comes a time in your life you put your foot down and say enough is enough. By the end it will leave you on the edge of your seat, anxious to see what will happen and who she is meant to be with. The ending just broke my heart even though I suspected it. I felt everything Lilly felt and what she was going through. She learns things about her self that she never knew existed and changes for the better. Lilly's character was a beautiful, smart, loving and caring! She was always there for her friends and her boyfriend no matter what they had done to her and continues to be there for them up until the end. Colton is hands down one of my favorite male characters from a book. He is perfect. He is sexy, charming, sweet, funny and all around one the best people Lilly could ever meet. He treats Lilly with the respect she deserves and is always there for her. He was her best friend and her shoulder to cry on. He is an absolute amazing guy. I adored his and Lilly's relationship. They are on the top of my list for favorite book couples. Now Sander. I wanted to like him so much, but how he treats Lilly is beyond wrong and hurtful. He deserved a major butt kicking. But at the same time I felt bad for him for not realizing what he had when he had it. And Lauren is on the same boat as Sander. I literally wanted to smack her and tell her to grow up. She is a horrible friend to Lilly. At the beginning I liked her but what she does to Lilly throughout the book and at the end, OMG seriously?! Arrgghh! The ending will leave you shocked and very very Happy! I know I was. The only reason I rated it a 4 star instead of a 5 was because it needs some editing. I found quite a few mistakes that left me re-reading a paragraph or so. Other than that it definitely deserves 5 stars. The story was perfectly paced with just the right amount of every emotion you could think of. I will definitely be recommending this book to others. So get it on it and get your copy today! You will not be disappointed. Thank you Bayli Lane for giving us such an amazing story and Colton! Oh yeah! You will love him! I sure did! I need to find me a Colton! This was the book I read onmy cruise that I was so excited to share with you guys! LOVED IT!!!!Becoming More is Bayli Lane's debut novel, and what a way to enter the author/reader community. I am so excited to follow her journey as an author!This is a story of chances and choices. How a choice can ultimately effect your entire life! We follow Lilly on her journey of discovering herself and real love. She goes to college with her longtime boyfriend Sander and best friend Lauren. Lilly thinks she has her whole life figured out with these two people she loves dearly by her side.At a party Sander and Lauren are no where to be found and Lilly, trying to get back to her dorm, stumbles upon Clarissa who invites her to another party, where she meets Colton. There is an instant attraction and she tries to keep her distance because of her loyalty and devotion to Sander.Sander has always been the perfect boyfriend, kind, smart, loving, and devoted to Lilly. They had their lives planed out. Sander's roommate however is a complete sleezeball and Sander starts down a path with tragic consequences. Things get BAD between him and Lilly, and my heart broke for her. Some people may not understand how Lilly can want the life she planned so bad and have hope that things are not as they seem, but when you have loved someone as long as she loved Sander, it's hard to give that up no matter how bad things may get.Lilly wants Colton so bad, but also wants to save what she had with Sander. She is so confused and lost and ends up making some bad decisions that come back and bite her in the ass. I want to say SO much more but don't want to ruin this crazy, wonderful, emotional ride for anyone. Easily one of my favorite reads of all time. Watching Lilly grow was so real. And yes it is a HEA and the epilogue gave me happy tears. Bayli wrote a great book and it all flowed so well. There is steam, love, lust, anger, happiness, and plain old bitchiness! HIGHLY recommend this read!!!!Rating: 5 stars*** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review ***Cheers,Erika

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5 Stars are not enough for this Amzing book. A must read.

Love the suspense and the story line! Keep on writing!

Graet book. I love this story.

Colton makes me go swooon!

Full review to come

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