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Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, And Hope In A Mumbai Undercity (2012)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity (2012)
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1400067553 (ISBN13: 9781400067558)
Random House
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Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Life, ...
Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, And Hope In A Mumbai Undercity (2012)

About book: The narrative tone and mood feels something like a Khaled Hosseini novel. This non-fiction story of life in the slums of mumbai is woven together with wonderful charaters, and a plot that I found riveting. There is such a close examination of the life of poverty and slums, that we can't escape the depths of tragedy and hopelessness that runs through the lives of her charaters. I also found that suspense, and urgency in many of the circumstances that the author follows to keep me transfixed throughout the read. My husband travels to Mumbai, so a friend suggested we read the story because he has flown over the very slum of which the writer speaks. I really did not enjoy this book. The only reason I read it was for book club - and I had to force myself to get through it. It was really just too depressing. Filled with extreme poverty, political corruption, suicide, police brutality... it was all too much for me. I like to read to get away from my own problems and to relax... I can appreciate the lesson and the empathy this book is supposed to bring to the reader for our fellow humans who are suffering and in need, especially compared to our own more "wealthy" lifestyles, but it's just not my kind of book or story.
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I am glad I read this before realizing it was non-fiction.
Wonderfully sad truth about current life in Mumbai.
Correctly depicted. Sad and Intense.
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