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Bella Malicia (2010)

Bella Malicia (2010)

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About book Bella Malicia (2010)

This book was interesting. It pissed me off in spots. It went back and forth between time periods without warning so you gotta pay stringent attention or you'll get lost.(i didn't like that) The love story to it was cute but heart breaking and pissed me off because i'm like if someone is making your life hell and they wanna go jump in an ocean at a bad time let them, don't go risking your life for their stupidity. I can see where the author was sorta going with this book but it goes in several different ways. I knew Alice was up to something and something was wrong with her but i didnt know what the author didnt do a good enough job of making her the vendictive person she was suppose to be. She made her just look like a lonely, confused person. I would have thought she would have made Alice to befriend Katherine and make her life a living hell at the same time as trying to make it look like Alice was being there for Katherine and that it was somebody else causing these problems etc. but instead she starts to cause problems after Katherine unfriended her. It was a good try but it could have been better. If you've got a lot of time on your hands, yeah, it turns out to be a good read. The story line is easy to follow despite every now and then the action takes place in the past, the narrator happens to be the main character and the main character happens to be a young woman. However, from a book translated in 38 languages and massive sales I expected a tad bit more. While reading it I felt a lot of times like I was watching a TV movie, the facts where predictable and the dialogue was way to plain. I cannot say that I hated it, but I was disappointed and by mid-book I kinda knew how it would end.

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Really creepy and dark. Glad I finally got round to reading it

It's an interesting book. The plot has many twists and turns.

I love this book.I don't have words.

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