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Betrayal Of Thieves (2000)

Betrayal of Thieves (2000)

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***My review first published on LibraryThing 7/18/13***(Disclaimer: Received this ebook free through the LibraryThing Member Giveaway review program)This ebook, Betrayal of Thieves, Legends of Dimmingwood, Book 2, is pretty much dialogue and narrative based, very low on action. I found this ebook enjoyable, just not quite the same level as Book 1, Magic of Thieves. I'm curious to see where Book 3 may go, someday.I'm not alway onboard with 1st person narratives, but just like Book 1 in the Legends of Dimmingwood, Betrayal of Thieves still moves smoothly and I really like the main character, Ilan, an orphaned magicker (race resembling drow, in my opinion) living among humans. She's a bit fiery, but loyal to all she names friend. The book's 1st person viewpoint is hers.She must rescue a friend, Terrac, who's been taken by the forces of the Praetor, the ruler of the lands of which Dimmingwood is a part. But not all is as it seems, as Ilan finds out at the end.I must say, again, this is a novella (my epub format was 125 pages) and I really feel that I'd love to have experienced the 4 books in the series as one epic several hundred page novel. I'm only guessing that Books 3 & 4 are both like 1 & 2, roughly 100-130 epub pages formatted. Just my belief, because the first two, at least, would have been a great action packed start and then leading into more plot development and furthering Ilan's discovery of the Praetor's secret and also strengthening her innate magical ability. This book brings in an interesting character only briefly brought forth in Book 1, a tough fighter turned priest named Hadrian. He's a nice, solid balance to Ilan's youth and impulsive reactions. And of course, the new character Fleet, a streetwise thief, will appeal to those who like a brash rogue.This was a good, solid, piece of light fantasy that I think is a perfectly easy read for anyone to fill an afternoon.My pet peeves are typos; spelling, missed words, obvious grammar issues, etc. This book had just a very few little things that can be overlooked unless you're a 9th grade English teacher. : )I'd recommend this ebook for any fantasy reader, even dabblers in the genre. No complex world-building, but perfectly likeable main characters. Just remember it's a novella and you'll probably be tempted to read all 4 books in the series so you get a full appreciation of Ilan's world. Note: LibraryThing allows 1/2 star ratings, so once again I feel contstrained to state that there I gave it 3 1/2 stars, which I feel was more accurate, but I can live with being forced to choose 4 over 3 here. 3.5/5 stars*Please note there may be some spoilers for the first book in this review - I would suggest reading the first book before this one (although you can get by without it)*Betrayal of Thieves if the second book in the Legend of Dimmingwood series. The story takes off right where the first book finished. In this book Ilan is going in search of Hadrian who said he would help her understand her magic. However, things don't go entirely as planned when Terrac is captured by the Fists.Characters:The story is written in first person following Ilan. Leaving the brigand behind, Ilan sets out to learn about her magic, but it sidetracked when her friend, Terrac is captured. No longer in her wooded haven, Ilan must go to the city to see what became of Terrac. She meets a new friend and experiences the sufferings of thieves (ironically) and the city life in this book. A new character, Fleet, is added to the mix in this story. He aids Ilan on life in the city with his vast array of knowledge and skills. Thieves are still predominant in the character, but they are no longer part of the brigand Ilan left behind. Terrac's character is slightly out of place when we see him for a second time in this book. This seems like it should be explained more deeply in the next book.Plot:The plot moved along fast for me—even a few months went by that I thought were day in the book. There is not as much action (i.e., fighting) as there was in the first book. More knowledge about magic was slightly added as well. I think more could have been said on the subject—especially with the bow. However, the writing (like the first book) went smoothly, and I finished the book within a day.The Bottom Line: Overall it was a good read. I think I liked the action of the first book better, but I did like the change of scenery and the different types of characters brought in this second volume. If you like fantasy book, you might want to try this book.

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A simple easy read. I am not sure I like Ilan. The story wasn't much. Extremely short book.

Good followup to Magic of Thieves.

It was good

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