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Between Love And Forever (2013)

Between Love and Forever (2013)

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About book Between Love And Forever (2013)

This book okay; Rushed ending, annoying main characters, super repetitive. Gahhhh! I don't need to read 342 times about how Abby doesn't like herself and Tess is WAY better than her. Abby needs to get a grip and just be thankful she is not stuck in a coma as Tess is. Eli was one of the better characters although he bored me at times.This book is pretty interesting but not great. I would not recommend it. Summary:In the beginning of this book, the main character Abby forms a habit of visiting her sister Tess in the hospital everyday. Tess is in the hospital because she was in a car accident on New Years day and she as seriously injured. At the start of the book, Tess has already been in the hospital for 6 weeks. Abby wanted her to wake up because she was tired of everyone asking about her and Tess being tied to her life. Tess was always seen as the perfect person to everyone in town and Abby felt like her only title was "Tess's little sister who's not as good as Tess." What kept her motivated were the small movements of Tess's eyes that Abby saw every once in a while. When she noticed that they occurred when a young hospital volunteer named Eli spoke, she made a deal with him and he started coming with Abby to visit Tess in hopes that she would wake up. Abby had chosen Eli for Tess to date when she woke up but Abby and Eli began to grow close through their daily visits. In the end, Abby discovered that Tess was a lesbian and had been for a while. She found out that she was secretly dating her best friend in high school and was currently dating her roommate from college. In the end, Abby and Eli started dating and Tess was moved to a home because she hadn't woken up yet.Author's Purpose:The author wrote this book as a sequel to her previous book Bloom. She found the idea for the characters while she was writing Bloom and she finally thought of a good story to write as a sequel. I know this because on her website she wrote a small story o how each of her books came about.Theme:I believe the theme of this book is to remain confident and don't be so judgmental towards other people because they are probably going through issues just like you. I think this is the theme because Abby feels very self conscious because everyone is always comparing her to her sister. She was also very judgmental towards everyone in the book that she met. She always disliked her sister for being so perfect but she was dealing with coming out in high school and was no where near perfect. She also just assumed Eli was a rich, snobby kid but his parents actually disowned him because he suffered from OCD. Recommendation:This is by far the slowest moving book I have ever read. There was no clear conflict and the only character that changed throughout the book was Abby so it was little too narrowed for m liking. I do think, however, that the message in it is fantastic and I felt my emotions changing as I read it. So, in general I would not recommend this book because it was SO slow and I found myself just waiting for something to happen. (A message that it was sequel would have been nice!)

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I really liked this book. I do kinda wish that the ending was a bit different but it was sooo good!

I read it this summer. Loved it, and think if you want to read a romance read this.

Powerful story about sibling rivalry, self image and stereotyping.

no words is all i can say... i loved it!!!!!

good book but i hated how they ended it

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