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BFF*: Just As Long As We're Together / Here's To You, Rachel Robinson (2007)

BFF*: Just As Long As We're Together / Here's to You, Rachel Robinson (2007)

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About book BFF*: Just As Long As We're Together / Here's To You, Rachel Robinson (2007)

----I read the two novels consecutively so I'll just talk about them as if they are one book (and in my case, they are indeed a one book since I had the twin edition)------*Out of the three friends, I like Rachel Robinson the most. She has the most interesting personality. She's compulsively neat, smart and sensible. I like how she tackles things although she has a tendency to make sure everything is 'spick and span'. I also like the way she uses Big words (like of Anne of green gables). I found her words grand though others may considered it weird. And yes, I sympathized Rachel since I had been included in a trio also (many times already) There are times when I'd felt left out and there are also times when I felt torn between them. *Stephanie's the character that I considered with the cool and tough persona I don't really hate her. Nor does I like her. I agree with Rachel that she's a bit immature sometimes.*Allison was the least character I like probably because i don't really know her. I wish the author would make a book in her point of view. I wonder what's behind her smiling and easy going self. At first, I thought she'd make an interesting character since she appeared cool when steph saw her the first time. Plus she was Vietnamese so I thought she'd be interesting. But in the whole book, her sole issue was having a baby brother. Aside from that, she was only portrayed as Steph's confidante and the girl-she-would-give-a-knowing-look.*The character that I haven't expected to like was Charles (Rachel's brother). I like him since the first time Rachel caught him red handed in her room. He got a great sense of humor. And honestly, he made the story more interesting with his 'attitude'. I find myself, watching for his name to pop on the pages. His confrontation with his family was actually fun to read. I'm betting that the author had so much fun writing him.

Wow! This book was wonderful. Do you like finding out suprises in books? Well BFF by:Judy Blume had a lot of suprising moments. What i really loved about this book is that it had 2 volumes. The first volume was from a girl Stephanie's point of view. The second volume was from a girl named Rachel's point of view.Between the 2 volumes they sometimes had common things, and sometimes had totally different things. For example:what they have in common is they both have brothers, they both have a crush on a boy at school named Jeremy. I loved how the author had a personality for each person and throughout the book they would act like their personality. For example: Rachel's older brother Charles is very whimsical, you'll never know how he will act. He acts all cool around his friends, hes not very intelligent, hes mean ,or sometimes nice. My favorite part of this book is when Rachel got sent to the vice principal, and she thought she was in trouble , but she got an invitation to a college math class.

Do You like book BFF*: Just As Long As We're Together / Here's To You, Rachel Robinson (2007)?

This is actually two books that were originally published separately and later published together as BFF. Both books center around a group of three friends in grade 7. Rachel and Stephanie have been best friends since grade 2, when Alison moves into their neighbourhood, and becomes another friend. The first book focuses on Stephanie – when she first meets Alison and introduces her to Rachel; as the school year goes on, Stephanie herself has some unexpected things to deal with at home, and the three friends go through some rough times. The second book is a continuation of the timeline, but it focuses on Rachel, the smart one, who is having some family problems. Added to that, in both books, all the girls are dealing with normal growing up stuff.I really enjoyed this. I liked the two books by two different characters and would have loved for Judy Blume to continue it with a third book for Alison's story (which apparently was the plan, initially). If she ever does decide to finish it off, I'd love to read the last book, as well. It was really fun going back and reading an author I read so long ago

Me at 10 years old again: This is a great book that I couldn't put down. It is filled with everyday life situations and amazing stories. This book has two best friends, someone and Rachel (I forget someone's name), and then comes along Alison. It is about these girls and their differences and issues between them. The first book is better then the seconed. Also, the books are still "the same" and continues on, but the first one is in someone's perspective and the other in Rachel's. The author Judy is still deciding whether to continue with Alison's perspective or not. Even if a few swears and romance can be found in these books, it is still definitely worth a borrow.

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