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Bias Cut (2012)

Bias Cut (2012)
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Bias Cut (2012)
Bias Cut (2012)

About book: I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It's one I downloaded over a year ago but kept skating over in favour of something more "me"" as I'm no fashion fan. However, although it's set in the world of fashion it doesn't matter and you don't get bogged down with it in the least.I just adored Laurie and his and Nicola's relationship especially as she took no nonsense from the little pixie (who I picture as a smaller and younger Julian Clary but I imagine the author's American and may not know of him) BUT she did secretly adore him and wanted to look after him. I spent a lot of the time going "awwwww"....I see the author has written another story featuring him but it's like a time-travel story and really not for me. I'd have liked to read another book featuring both him and Nicola in their present incarnations !! There were some great, cutting lines used which made me laugh aloud in places.I did spot a couple of errors but nothing excessive, just careless. Ducking instead of duckling and apostrophes left off ladies' room. At one time she used peckish and I think peevish was meant but that was it which always impresses me as well. I found this a fun, quick read (although I kept picturing Laurie (the wonderkind fashion designer) as Austin Scarlett from the first season of Project Runway.)The mystery part doesn't seem to start until about half-way through the book. Until then, it's Nicola and Austin, er, Laurie running around in sort of a screwball comedy/slapstick quest for the designer of a coat Nicola was given by her room-mate.It's a diverting read and also seems to "read true" about the NYC fashion week and also the "reality TV"/MTV celebrity culture.After the mystery takes off, the book a bit less fun and the ending was a bit of a let-down. Fun as it was, I do hope there is not a sequel which would take all of the charm out of the story for me.
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Love it love it love it! Awesome story, interesting characters...I couldn't ask for more.
Lots more clothing info than murder mystery. includes flamers otherwise OK.
I am very much looking forward to reading more of her books.
This was an interesting dive into a fashion murder mystery.
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