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Biblia Em Ação (2000)

Biblia em ação (2000)
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Biblia Em Ação (2000)
Biblia Em Ação (2000)

About book: Ok my husband and son(5) LOVE comic books. We are constantly borrowing new ones from the library and hunting favorites down. So I was perusing the religious section at the library and BLAM! When my son saw that this book was not only a "comic book" type of book but it was also a bible he was estatic!!!!! I can't tear him away from it!!! We have just begun reading it and I am glad to see some great reviews about it already. So far I am giving five stars and hope that it does not disappoint! This Bible is not going to be for everyone, but our 2nd grade Sunday School class LOVES it. We have a video that goes along with our story every week and it amuses the kids to some degree. But, after we finish the video, we go over the story again using this Bible and the kids get so excited and into it. Of course, it is the Bible in graphic novel/comic strip format - it certainly doesn't include all dialogue and not every story is covered. So far, though, every story we have covered has been in there and I really appreciate the better understanding the kids get from it.
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I want to get this bible!!! I wanna.. I wanna.. I wanna..
Kids beg to read it every night for a year now!
Not as good as I thought it would be!!
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