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Bikini Mevsimi (2000)

Bikini Mevsimi (2000)

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About book Bikini Mevsimi (2000)

This book was a good easy quick read about friendship and dieting. Four friends - Erin,Angela,Megan and Kizzy all decide they need to lose weight for various reason. Erin wants to fit into her wedding gown,Angela wants to become hot again,Megan wants to become someone else and Kizzy needs to because of health concerns. They all learn some important life lessons during the six months leading up to Erin's wedding. This is very much a story about friendship and how it can help you change your life. I believe this is the 2nd book I read by Sheila Roberts and I really really enjoyed it. She writes about very likable characters facing real life problems. The first book I read was about a group of women with financial/over-spending problems and what they did to change their habits, generate more income, etc. This book is about a group of women with weight issues and what they did to change their lifestyles to lose weight and become healthier, better people. Sheila Roberts write these books in a fun, delightful way. This was a beach read for me and it was perfect, light-hearted fun, while still being uplifting and even a bit motivational.

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a fun beach read. What started out as a cooking club for 5 women ended up being a dieting club.

This was a fun book about friendship. It was a little bit predictable, but not annoyingly so.

Sometimes I like silly and predictable, but this was too silly and too predictable.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant, easy read and it was fun.

Easy, breezy, fun read. I'm a sucker for women's friendship stories!

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