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Bir Milyon Güneş (2012)

Bir Milyon Güneş (2012)
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Bir Milyon Güneş (2012)
Bir Milyon Güneş (2012)

About book: This book is much better than the first one with a far more mysterious mystery, but which I mean the culprit is not obvious. Beth Revis' story embraces rising complexity as the situation aboard Godspeed becomes increasingly complicated and therefore interesting. Any continues to deal with the same dark and emotionally heavy issues as the first novel. And the romance is faced with a question I found extremely intriguing. INCREÍBLE. Creo que lo he termimado en dos días. No he podido parar de leer y leer. Me han impresionado esos misterios, sospechaba de todos y de nadie, la incertidumbre de no saber qué frexo estaba pasando, las pistas... Una trama muy bien tejida, bravo, bravísimo, creo que es el primer libro que me engaña con eso de los sospechosos, además de no aburrirme teniendo en cuenta el lugar en el que se desarrolla la acción y lo parecido de la historia con respecto al primer tomo.Los personajes me han dado fuerte. En el primer libro poco más y me hecho a llorar por la muerte de ya sabéis quién. En este me han dado unos pocos sustos de muerte. Es increíble lo cercanos y reales que parecen además de su evolución, sobre todo de Elder, donde se nota que ha madurado muchísimo. Si algo le ha faltado, han sido más momentos Elder-Amy, pero vamos, el 10 no se lo quita nadie :PEste finde tengo que hacerme con el final de la trilogía...
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Frexing good! A Million Suns had so many layers and complexities to the plot that you'll find there's never a dull moment! This is so far the best Space YA novel I've read (I haven't read much but I'm finding it difficult to believe I will ever find as good a Space YA as this!) Amy and Elder were very likeable protagonists and it was a good thing their romance wasn't rushed. Their gradual feelings towards each other was sweet and adorable. I loved how the main focal point of the book was Godspeed and Orion's clues left behind for Amy. The mystery was totally unexpected and immensely rewarding! The journey was a heart pumping, jaw dropping and overall unforgettable one. A must read for all YA fans!
A bit of a frustrating book. In a lot of ways I felt like it was fairly poorly written. The romance more often than not ends up making me cringe, and I roll my eyes at a lot of the things that people say and do. The twists are mostly telegraphed, and what tension there is feels artificial: people searching for a chain of clues, refusing to communicate with one another, or getting sidetracked, taking unnecessary amounts of time to pursue obvious next steps in the various plot threads. All that said, I'm two books into the series now, and reluctantly I imagine I'll attempt to power through the third book so I can get some closure with the story. If I do, it'll be with pretty limited expectations.
Obsesionada con la historia de Amy y Elder. Con todo el universo.
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