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Birthrights (2011)

Birthrights (2011)

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0615499600 (ISBN13: 9780615499604)
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About book Birthrights (2011)

This is the story of Caislyn and Jax, two very different women with attitude!Jax has run away from an abusive relationship and started a new life. She considers herself wholly human in a world where the 'paranormal' exists.Caislyn is a witch whose parents are missing and the world, including her lawyer, presume dead although she refuses to believe this.Throw them together and what have you got? A fast-paced, punchy book that made me laugh with their humour and search along with them for answers. Vampires are "alive and kicking" in this book but are not, for once, in the hot seat but more a back seat driver which makes a nice change.Will definitely be getting the second and third books in this series. Ugh, I read through this entire series and frankly, I don't know why I bothered. The first novel is by far the best, but unfortunately that isn't saying much. For me it was like eating plain toast for breakfast. It wasn't good, but didn't make me want to vomit either. So, I figured I would read the second book since it seemed like things were going to heat up. The second book had more typos and grammatical errors and the story started getting to be too out there for me. I know, its a fantasy, but still I need the thread of the story to not unravel or get all knotted up. And the third novel...YUCK. It appeared to be hastily written as all I could see were spelling errors and typos. Further, it was about half the length of the other two and just threw out an ending. To say this series was disappointing was an understatement. Not recommended for anyone other than masochists.

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I finished this book with haste. Excellent story and plot, but poorly executed by the authors.

I really liked this book and the story line is great now I'm looking for more!!

Great concept but definitely needs editing. Lots of grammar issues.

Pretty badly edited, but also fun. Hee!

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