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Bitter Harvest (2011)

Bitter Harvest (2011)

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0425242765 (ISBN13: 9780425242766)

About book Bitter Harvest (2011)

Sheila Connolly never disappoints. She melts together a great mystery with a better than average posse of friends and neighbours plus just enough sizzle in the romance part of her tale. This one kept me guessing and on my toes in a slightly creepy way - found myself thinking about who might be lurking outside of my windows at night - and that was enjoyable as I knew it would turn out well at the end. It always does. It's cozy!I'm so fond of the apple farm and related material that Sheila Connolly adds to this series. All of those elements combine to make the world that Meg is living in so welcoming and still a little dangerous. Sheila had poor Meg's old farmhouse weathering a terrible snowstorm plus a broken down furnace which bought Seth and his trusty toolbox. It was cozy to read, despite our warm temperatures here in Southern Ontario. I might put this on my list to read again in the winter as I'm sure it will seem even more enjoyable then. There were lots of cozy nights by a fire with delicious meals and bottles of wine between Meg and her friends. It all made for a very satisfying read.I am always thrilled by the ways that this author weaves in some history and animal husbandry with the death and destruction and wonder how she might do it again in the next book... well, she's done a wonderful job with this one. There is so much added content in this book that it kept me going through a night of migraine pain and I am grateful for it. In this tale of Meg's life she comes across an unusual artifact as she is cleaning out some closets in her home and uses some genealogy resources and connections to help sort out the mystery behind it while the other larger mystery is also being solved. I am always rooting for Meg. She came out of Boston with a few too many expensive suits and fancy shoes but things are looking up for her in this book, with her first successful apple crop behind her. It feels optimistic, despite the murder. I'm looking forward to what will happen to her with her next crop of apples. I wouldn't want to wish for another murder... I really don't want to wish for this to happen... but I do, I really do. Meg Corey has been so busy with her apple orchard that she really hasn't explored her home. It is winter, the harvest is done and Meg is waiting for the exact numbers from Bree, her orchard manager. Now she has time to explore the home that she inherited. Bitter HarvestA blizzard has struck Granford and Meg is forced to stay home for the roads are impassable and she has time to get to know her home. Seth Chapin, neighbor and friend, is also at her home helping her with her fireplace and looking around the home during daylight hours. During their search in some dark closet, they find a stitched sampler that causes Meg to ask many questions for it was a name that she didn't know from her family histories.While she is asking questions to her friend at the historical society about the sampler, small incidents around her property keep occurring. The goats break their fence; her car bumper gets dented at the store parking lot; and a window gets shot out. Things that by themselves aren't that alarming but when taken all together seems quite concerning. The furnace dies, she learns more about family history and more about her own hopes for the possible relationship with Seth. Bree has good news about the orchard and they dream of the possibility of expansion. This is a great story adding to the series of the Apple Orchard Mysteries. A great winter cozy to read in front of the wood stove!

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I really like Sheila Connolly's Orchard Mystery Series. The characters are great!

Great book, couldn't put it down. Good story!

Cute, cozy read. Relaxing.

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