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Black Butler, Vol. 04 (2011)

Black Butler, Vol. 04 (2011)

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031608428X (ISBN13: 9780316084284)
Yen Press

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Los nuevos personajes, Soma y Agni, tienen unas intervenciones muy divertidas, son dos personajes que me han agradado bastante.En cuanto a Ciel, en esta ocasión nos mencionan una pequeña parte más de su historia, no pude evitar sentir un poco de lástima, sin embargo esto sirve para entenderlo más, la razón de porque es como es.Como siempre los sirvientes son unos personajes divertidos que me hacen reír mucho y aunque ya lo mencione, lo vuelvo a repetir, los dibujos me encantan, sobre todo cuando hay alguna situación graciosa. Like the other vols in this series, I enjoyed it for what it was worth.Something that keeps drawing me back to this series is the a religious aspects. Not only the devil butler in this book, but also all the Hindu references. Studying the Religions of the world for as long as I did in University, seeing a fantasized version of them tends to be interesting.The reason for 4 stars is I found that this vol in particular got off to a slow start. I guess I've said that about last vols in this series, so it didn't really come as a surprise. This one ended though, with enough interest to get me to go back and purchase vol 5.

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So far it's following the anime pretty closely.

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