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Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6 (2009)

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6 (2009)

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About book Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6 (2009)

I read a lot of crappy supernatural romance in my time, usually between the hours of 7 and 11 pm. None of them, save the ones that are purely ebooks and aren't even edited and have main characters named Jax Mackenzie, are as terrible as this series. Granted, I could barely get through the fourth and fifth books, and didn't read the sixth. However, I'm pretty sure I can predict that nothing interesting will happen, and each story will be the same as the last: boring, predictable and filled with sex. The writing is godawful.I'm giving this two stars because the author has created an interesting backstory and some good characters, but there are too many terrible characters to make up for the few good ones. Then she destroys the few good ones she's got by making them do completely out-of-character things. Ugh. This shite should have never made it out of Well... it took about a year and a half from buying the series to actually being able to finish the first book (after picking it up 3 times) and I had to admit I was kind of annoyed that I didn't like the book everytime I put it down I kept thinking "I cannot believe I spent $65 on this!" but that last time I read "Dark Lover" I was completely hooked.The plot. I thought that the plot of all of these books were amazing! They were so fast paced, had so many twists and just seemed to get better and better with each book I finished, I ended up buying books 7-10 when I had just started on book 3 that's how hooked I was on this series.The characters. I loved getting to know each of the main brothers through this box set, I have to admit when I read the first book I was completely confused about which brother was which but as I started to read more into the series and get to know each of the brothers through the books it became really obvious who each brother was. I thought that they were all written really well and I have become more attached to the them with each book I read.Overall I thought that this would have to be some of the best money I have ever spent on books and it was definitely worth the money. I would highly reccomend checking out this series I don't think that you will regret it.

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Absolutely loved them. Have bought the whole set and just finished number 8, Lover Mine.

Sounds SOOOO cheesey but could not put these down!

I can't get enough of the brothers.

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