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Black Dagger Brotherhood Collection (2009)

Black Dagger Brotherhood Collection (2009)

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About book Black Dagger Brotherhood Collection (2009)

Ok, so I was really skeptical when a friend recommended this series to me. I mean, come on, Black Dagger Brotherhood sounds kinda cheesy. My mind was changed. While there are elements to thirst books that can be a bit repetitive, the story is there. I found myself wrapped up in each character's life and wanting to know more about them when their story was over. The author weaves plot twists in while maintaining a stories of several people's lives that all come full circle. These stories are about living life and loving to the fullest. Don't even get me started on how steamy it is.... I'm under the spell... Indeed, one can blushes facing the covert a little bit cliché... but this serie is deeply amazing, the author is very clever picturing a complex world in which the characters evolve and are revealed to us ....I have prefered the number 1, of course, Kholer being an unforgettable first step into this world, but also the third one, Zsadiste being a much more deep character, unique.unfoetunately I haven't read yet the other books, that is to say, the 4,5,6,7,8,9... So yes I guess is a little bit quick to write a review on the total pack, but even if all the books are not equals in term of quality, I think that this serie must be read and followed...I think that I am going to stop there for the moment and I will re-write an another review when I read the whole serie.I am a brand new reader (and I am in France) in the world of Fantasy, and I must admit that with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, it was an unexpected first step in an astonishing world in which I wish I would never get out.

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Yes, it may be 90% vampire smut and a tad repetitive, but I do really like this series :)

I love these books. total brain crack. but oooh so good~

Great for those summer beach reads!

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