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Black Heart Loa (2011)

Black Heart Loa (2011)

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I enjoyed this, but not quite as much as I did the first book in this series. Picking up immediately following where "Black Dust Mambo" finished, Kallie Rivere barely gets a moment to enjoy the fact that she wasn't dead from the evil hex put on her by a bitter and angry man before she has to head out in search of her missing cousin Jackson.Never mind that all magic in the state of Louisiana seems to have suddenly gone haywire, that sexy nomad Layne seems to be missing, that Kallie still has a black loa where her soul should be, or that a class five hurricane is headed straight for them - Kallie has to pull it together and figure out what's going on. Or die trying which is a real possibility!The story was good and the voodoo aspect offers a new and creative approach to paranormal fiction, which I enjoyed a lot.But where the first book was all about Kallie, this book felt to me like it was trying to tell three different stories - Kallie's, Layne's and Jackson's - all at the same time which meant that all three stories ended up stretching a little thin and one taking away from the focus on the others.It wasn't terrible, in fact I really did enjoy reading the book, and the eventual resolution was very well done and pulled the threads together from all three characters' stories nicely. I just feel like each of these characters are strong enough to deserve their own personal stories in their own books, rather than trying to cram all three into the same book.Still it was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it. *Rating* 4.0*Genre* Paranormal Romance*Review Later*First thoughts..I dislike having so many character story lines and points of views.I enjoyed the interaction between Belladonna Brown, Kallie and Jackson. Some really good lines and quotes coming in my full review.Obviously, there must be a third book in this series because there are still a bunch of unanswer questions including why did her own mother force a loa into Kallie's body? Who else was working with Sophia when she put the loa in Kallie? What is happening between Layne and Kallie? Is it long term or just a long 8 hour sex-a-thon?More later.

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Found the switching POV kind of confusing,but,I finished the book.It was ok..

Kallie and Layne.......mmmmmmmmmm I hope her vision of them comes true

Can't wait for more of this series to come out!

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