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Blade Reforged (2013)

Blade Reforged (2013)

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0425262324 (ISBN13: 9780425262320)

About book Blade Reforged (2013)

This installment was the best of them all. Aral needed to regain his mojo and finally he is well on the way. Once again, a thought-dead Blade comes into the mix and Aral has to fight harder than ever before. He has Triss by his side always but he finds that he has so much more. For one, Fie. I hated her in the first book but she has learned to respect Aral and stands by him like a true friend in this one. Devin. He just can't get over the fact that Aral is the real hero and a better man. The Dutchess is back and her relationship with Aral picks up where it left off. It's time she became Queen so of course, Aral has to put her on the throne. In doing so he must remove her uncle who is currently wearing the crown and protected by a couple of Blades. Aral only knew about Devin but apparently another legend is still alive, powerful, and completely crazy.It's a fast moving story which I finished in a day and night. I could not put it down. I nearly cried at the end when Aral finally evolves beyond a man plagued by pain. I loved it all! Kelly McCullough introduced Aral Kingslayer as a Broken Sword (paper) drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He had been the best assassin for the Goddess of Justice until the Goddess was slain, her temple destroyed and her order scattered. Three books later we have the tale of the Blade Reforged (paper from Ace). Aral has given up drinking and, because a friend has been thrown into prison, wants to help kill the current king and put his niece Baroness Maylien, and friend and sometimes lover on the throne. What he doesn’t know is thqt the current king is undead (not vampire though they like to bathe in blood an have killing frenzies). The current king is also protected by two blades, Aral’s old friend from the order and now enemy, and a blade out of legend long thought dead. He and his symbiote shadow creature Triss, face impossible odds. As usual this is very exciting and impossible to put down.Printed by the Philadelphia Weekly Press

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Kelly writes an awesome tale. If you haven't read this so. Highly recommended.

Not as good as the WebMage series, but still very good books.

Fallen Blade #4

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