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Blick Ins Dunkel (2014)

Blick ins Dunkel (2014)

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3802595823 (ISBN13: 9783802595820)
Egmont LYX

About book Blick Ins Dunkel (2014)

3.5. I dislike the strand-people-on-an-island plot device, and the stupid delays in communication between groups and the delays in taking out the villain feel forced. The heroine was the closest to an Alexandra clone this series has had: tough chick with medical expertise. The hero was a little too good to be true and the wrap up was abrupt. The relationship made sense in context, so there's that. This author's plotting is addictive, so on to the next series, despite the flaws. 4.5 stars - Kyndred Samuel aka Paracelus is nearly crippled, in constant pain and months from death, so he decides to try and make up for his less than honorable moments (in the last book) by saving a fellow Kyndred woman he's never met from impending death. Things don't quite work out the way Sam plans though and he and EMT Charlotte end up drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned on a deserted island subject to two rules: they mustn't try to escape and they must have intercourse everyday or else they will be punished.I liked Nightshine despite a sort of odd an prolog and bit too many thread switches including a few that jumped to seemingly random people - it wasn't clear but a few of these were actually jumps to the past and it ended up that the people weren't as random as they seemed. When all was said and done though, Nightshine did a good job of tying off the Kyndred/Takyn spinoff, bringing in a few familiar faces for the final bow, and cluing us into the origin of one of those faces, and revealing the real purpose behind the creation of the Kyndred. And with two romances - a main one and a minor one - I liked both of the pairings - and I thought that Nightshine ended being one of the steamiest books about the 'children of the Kyn' (this is not a spoiler but a reference to a line in the prolog.)

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Excellent but not great. Interesting to see where the series goes from here

Another great story in this series.

Fast paced and exciting!


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