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Blind Devotion (2014)

Blind Devotion (2014)

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About book Blind Devotion (2014)

I don't know why, but I didn't feel anything for this book. The first book was awesome, but after that all of the books just started to slowly go down.The first issue I had with this story was the insta-love. Some authors know how to perfect this, but Sam Crescent didn't manage anything good with her romance. Pussy, as is his name, went from one opinion to another in the blink of an eye. I don't do love is what he says, then a few pages later, oh look at that I love you!Bitch, please.You can't shift your opinion just like that and expect people to believe you. Sasha didn't believe him, a few pages later, I love you babe! Sasha is blind, she has been hurt, thrown down the stairs and had a bunch of other things done to her, and not once is she cautious. She just goes with the flow and after doing it one time! She falls in love. Annoyance and irritation are the only things I can currently feel right now. She falls in love after giving her virginity to this biker dude (Pussy) and turns into the chick who thinks that after having sex you should fall in love with the guy.Bitch, please!The villain of the story, Frederick or whatever his name is, wasn't villainy. I don't know if that is a word, but it's the only one I can think of right now.Then I just couldn't stand the club. It didn't give me an awesome feeling, it only gave me something I like to call a "nothing type of feeling."Two stars for being so bland. Seriously? I don't recommend this book, it's just to boring, plain, and unrealistic. Sam Crescent is generally a good author, I suppose, but this was so not one of her finer works. I freaking love Sam Crescent and her books. I love how the Chaos Bleeds series and the Skulls series intermix. Storyline was action packed, had angst and emotions. My heart went out to Sasha and all she endured by her stepfather. Loved the sweet side of bad boy Pussy and his treatment of Sasha. How he became her knight in shining armor. Book was written in a way you can feel the characters and plot. I was left speechless with the ending and OMG can't wait until the next book comes out. Would recommend!

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Was a really good book I loved how much pussy showed his emotionsBut didn't like the ending

I love this series every book keeps me on the edge wanting more.

what an ending,can't wait till the next book.

DNF - hate it when this happens.

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