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Blonde Ambition (2004)

Blonde Ambition (2004)
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Blonde Ambition (2004)
Blonde Ambition (2004)

About book: Ben has fallen madly in love with Anna Percy to the point where he’s smothering her and becomes jealous when she so much as glances at another guy. She loves him too, but she finds she can’t differentiate her feelings of love and lust. He also needs to return to Princeton ASAP or he won’t be accepted back, and so the couple part ways, left with only memories of their time spent together. At first Cammie just wants Adam as to get back at Sam for spending so much time with her NBF Anna, but then she finds herself falling for him. Anna and Sam’s film goes over well with their class and Sam spurs it on them that she and Anna are presently working on a feature that Anna agrees to write the script for. They are becoming great friends. Though Margaret disapproves of Anna’s behavior at the party, Anna stands up to her saying she’s proud of the decision she made. Clark Sheppard, Cammie’s dad and super agent, is impressed and decides to take her as his intern. Anna spends a lot of time working on the set of the new show Hermosa Beach. There she falls in love with the co executive producer/writer Danny. Cammie’s stepsister Mia moves in and though she dislikes her she tries to protect her from making the same poor decision she did when she was her age. Dee stupidly brings Mia to a party and she ends up drugged, infuriating Cammie. She finds Mia trying to take drugs with a group of people near the mall, infuriating her again and making her give up on trying to save her. At Cammie’s birthday party all of her cards are declined and her car is towed away. When she returns home, she finds out that is her Dad’s doing as punishment for dishing some information to the press that stirred up trouble for his show, Hermosa Beach. Additionally, she had pretended she was Anna when she did so; therefore, Clark offers Anna her internship back though she declines. She’s ready to spend her time working on the feature with Sam. Anna and Danny make-up, in love. tThe relationships were thoroughly developed as were the characters. There were unexpected plot twists and the complications neatly placed. I liked the inclusion of their film and the monologues and such. I liked that there was a fairly happy ending, and that Cammie got what she deserved for what she did.

Book report #3 Q1Report by: Gracie SchlutzBlonde Ambition By: Zoey DeanMain character: Anna PercyAnd her rival CammieSupporting main characters: cammie’s dad {Anna’s boss}, Ben, Danny {writer on the set of Hermosa Beach}, Django, Adam and Mia {her stepsister}Protagonist AnnaAntagonist: cammiePlot: Anna Percy goes to Beverly Hills High school, were there is always friends and enemies or people you don’t like, just like any other school. Anna has always wanted to be an actor, it was her dream. It was everyone’s dream, all the kids at school dream of acting. When Anna goes to work for Cammie’s dad, a popular girl. She is now an actor in Hollywood for the new TV show “Hermosa Beach”. Anna was replacing Cammie, but Cammie obviously didn’t like the fact of being replaced. Cammie would do anything to get her spot back. Even if that took nasty little lies, what ever she thought would earn her way to the top, she did. All Cammie wanted was to crush Anna’s life and dreams. Even if that meant social life too. But karma isn’t pretty and Anna will get back at her. Anna is also dealing with other stuff with her sister Mia and her boyfriends. I you want to know if boss believes his own daughter or Anna, the problems along the way or anything further on I guess you will just have to read to find out!Star rating: ***** Five out of fiveConclusion: This is just a really good book, I think it is relatable because every school has drama and people have people they don’t like. I think many of you will find that relatable, first of all the title…I’m a blonde you may be too. Also I mean what is a school without some sort of drama? It’s normal for people to not like others. I would recommend this to people that like chick lits . But I think the girls would like this one the best, especially teens! This book is filled with drama, snotty girls and problems. But if you like that then, this is the one for you! I strongly encourage your to read this book, you know the plot is too interesting to not read now!
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Blonde Ambition is about Anna and her circle of friends & enemies who go to Beverly Hills High School. It's about peer pressure but in the way of Prada, Fred Segal, Chanel, and black American Express cards. So, after Anna gets a job interning for Cammie's father on the set of Hermosa Beach, Cammie starts plotting against Anna to ruin her life and reputation. However, the story starts to unravel leaving Cammie in a not so high position. Blonde Ambition is a total farce on Hollywood's uber rich. This book could have been a lot better and taken a original spin on Hollywood life, but instead it's more Sex in the City meets high school with the high school mentality (if even that). Think 90210 and step it up 100% to where the characters are completely annoying.
This book is the third of the series, A-List. The main character, Anna deals with her sister, who just got out of rehab, her college boyfriend, who mysteriously disappeared one night, leaving her alone on a boat, and her enemy, Cammie, who wants nothing more but to see Anna's life ruined. This book is an amazingly quick read, with all the twists and turns of teenage drama, I could barely put it down. I recommend this book to teenage girls. They will like the teenage drama. It's like mean girls, but in California.
In Blonde Ambition by Zoey Dean, Anna is offered an intern in Hollywood on the new TV show "Hermosa Beach". She just replaced the popular girl, who is actually the manager's daughter, Cammie. Cammie would do anything she can to get back on top, and to fire Anna for something she isn't even guilty of. What goeas around, comes around, and Cammie does get hit twice as hard. In this intriguing novel, it shows the filthy lies that goes around Hollywood, and that success for a blonde girl isn't always as easy as it seems. In this book, Zoey Dean does a great job adding sensory imagery to the setting and to get a clearer image of what the characters look like. "She wore a pantsuit-Anna guessed it was Ralph Lauren-and his suit was obviously custom made" (Dean 18). She expresses expressions and movements by showing, not telling, which is a great way to feel interested and a part of the book. I rate this book a 4 out of a possible 5 stars, because I thought it was an excellently written book, but at times, lost me with unnecessary details. My favorite part was when Cammie told her dad that Anna released information about the show before it aired, and that got her fired until he found out that his daughter was the evil one behind this. I liked this because there was a lot of tension between the girls, and things were going out of hand. It got me thinking "what will happen next?" These were the interesting parts that made me rate this book a 4. I recommend this to teens that seem interested in knowing the truth behind Hollywood for female actors.
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