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Blood (2000)

Blood (2000)

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074340842X (ISBN13: 9780743408424)
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Just because I want to do something different I'm going to write the reviews in a Friends episode format. Enjoy!The One With Gaia's GriefGaia is in denial. Her best friend Mary died in front her and doesn't want to express her mourning. That makes Ed really mad. He wasn't the only one that lost Mary that night, in fact, he thinks Gaia is being selfish. But deep down, Gaia wants revenge. The reckless side inside her wants to search the killer, and the number one suspect is Mary's old dealer, Skizz. Gaia has never killed someone before, but she might this time . . .Whoo!! Finally some kick-ass action!! I'd been missing that. This is where the story gets more powerful emotionally and physically. (view spoiler)[When Gaia finally explodes her grief on Ed and when they said "I love you" to each other, I exploded with tears as well!! (hide spoiler)]

Been reading since the 1st series. its really goodddd

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