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Blood Forever (2012)

Blood Forever (2012)

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Honestly I gave this book three stars only because the author made it the last book of the series, thus saving me from having to read any more. There was only one problem with tis book....we had to go back to the beginning & follow as the twins made a mess of things all over again. To me, experiencing it once throughout the first seven books was plenty. I just have no idea how this series in General got good reviews. It is horribly written & extremely immature. You'd think a thirteen year old was responsible. Any time I would find something I liked about a character, it would be ruined by a super cheesy line or some moronic behavior. Thank goodness the madness is over! “Blood Forever” carried on well from the last book, and although the author has devised a very convenient plot to end the series, I still think it was a smart move that made the story easier to tell but did not make it any less interesting.The Blood Coven series is similar to a lot of juvenile series out there that deal with vampires and other supernatural beings. The storyline does not really stand out as such, but one thing’s for sure – this series does not take itself very seriously and because of that, the silly parts become acceptable and even funny. Although I enjoyed reading about Sunny and Raine and all their adventures, I must say that I’m glad “Blood Forever” is the last book in this series!

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Great finish, but wish the book would have been longer.

*Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.0*Full Review Shortly*

It was a great end to a awesome series loved it.

coming sept. 4th, 2012

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