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Blood Sins (Blood, #2) (2008)

Blood Sins (Blood, #2) (2008)

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About book Blood Sins (Blood, #2) (2008)

When I first started reading this book, I was worried that I would be as disappointing as the first book in the trilogy, but it wasn’t. It started off a little slow, but things started to happen and I started to get more interested paragraph after paragraph. I started to see the book building up and shaping into something more interesting and intriguing than I ever thought to imagine. I was so engrossed that I couldn’t put the book down before long, and I was talking to the characters, telling them to look more closely, to remember this incident or that incident, and the things that were going on in the church that was being investigated gave me a sick feeling, but I understood the need to know what was taking place and transpiring. Everything was connected, and I liked that. I like for things to connect and make sense. At first, it felt like a jumble, but everything Kay Hooper put in this novel was needed, was something to add to the story, to add to the building pressure of the plot, you could actually see things taking shape in your mind, and you could actually understand the not so understandable events. Everything was like an overcast, a static electricity building in the air, the calm before the storm, and the ending was like watching the sky go from sunlight to absolute darkness as everyone waits for the sky to fall. I did not see the ending coming, and that is always a wonderful thing to me. I like being surprised by events in a book or a movie, and this time, I got my wish. I was absolutely surprised and excited by the ending of this book. I was eager to go on to the next. I enjoyed this newest book by Hooper about the Special Crimes Unit. The character of Tessa was, as is typical, plucky and determined, although still learning how to use her talents to help catch the out of the ordinary criminals the unit hunts.The villain in this book was introduced (although very vaguely) in the previous "Blood" book, and he is a VERY evil guy! Many of the characters from previous SCU books make appearances here, and they fit in nicely to the story. Bishop is a bit less visible than usual, but that's okay as the other characters more than make up for his low-key involvement. The action and suspense builds nicely, and the the run up to the ending will keep you wondering whether the good guys or the bad guys will prevail.If you enjoy the Special Crimes Unit books, I recommend this one.

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Good read about a diabolical man with supernatural powers! Good overcomes evil.



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