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Blood Spells (2010)

Blood Spells (2010)

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After 4 books of nightkeeper goodness we all know the deal. 1 Book = 1 Couple. I have to say that this book evolves around the most annoying (for me that is) couple of the nightkeepers. In the beginning i don't even want to read it for that reason. BUT! i got to admit that Bloodspells is the best book in the series this far! You have twists and turns all the way till an absolutely amazing end. I'm looking forward to the next book in line, so keep em coming :) This one lifts a little of the doom and gloom, though its still dark, to focus on Patience and Brandt, the married Nightkeepers with the twins, to explore their past and how they can fix their future. Liked how we got to see a little more of Rabbits history and got a glimpse into the grey area that he inhabits, being a half-blood. It seemed a little more hopeful, and I'm really looking forward to Mendez's story next.

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Even predestined mates can have troubles, especially when gods/demons and prophecies are involved

it was ok...


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