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Blood Ties (Blood, #3) (2010)

Blood Ties (Blood, #3) (2010)

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About book Blood Ties (Blood, #3) (2010)

MAJOR SPOILERS -Basically just wanted to say that I'm slighlty disappointed in the ending of this one. I don't mind when characters die, but I feel like there has to be a good payoff if that is the case. I feel like a bad guy who spans 3 books is pretty much enough. To leave it open at the end like that with his return is disappointing. I would like to have had Ruby's sacrifice mean more than that, especially because the whole theme for her character was that they couldn't defeat him without her, when in fact they didn't end up defeating him at all. And poor Galen, can't imagine his guilt. I would have liked to have seen him in the epilogue with at least some sort of reaction to the events. I still enjoyed it overall, just unhappy with the ending. I do like the series as a whole and the idea of a psychic unit or even the idea that psychic abilities can slowly be 'proven' enough for the general public to begin to accept. Interesting premise. So I will keep reading, but man, I wish this one had, had better closure. This is number 12 in the Bishop/Special Crimes unit. It isn't necessary to read them all. The author has them grouped in 3 making them trilogies. It does help to know the series.In this book, she is really expanding on what psychic abilities these characters have. At times it seems a natural evolution and other times forced for the plot. It is not a romance, but in each book 2 characters find love. While that is nice once or twice, in every book it becomes monotonous. The characters in past novels that appear in further ones do keep and enrich the other romances. It just doesn't seem a natural condition.I gave this book less stars because of the ending which was integral to the plot. I will try to explain without giving out a spoiler. There was one 'rule' in place (through several books, I believe) about a certain place/time. It could not be broken. By the end of this book this rule was completely broken . . . but only for this one character. The only explanation that was given was of 'evil'. That is no explanation. That doesn't say why our protagonists were in jeopardy but the antagonist was not. In fact, it just seems a very lazy way of keeping a character that the author had killed in a previous book.

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