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Bloodflower (2009)

Bloodflower (2009)
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Bloodflower (2009)
Bloodflower (2009)

About book: It pains me to give this only two stars as it was a beautifully done book. As a lover of language, it was pleasing to read a book where you could tell the author either knew a ton about language history, or had an interest in linguistics. I think the dialogue was my favorite part.However, the story just wasn't for me. I found myself constantly looking down at the indicator on my kindle to tell me how much was left. I desperately wanted to be sucked in, but it was more of a slow, quiet plot and I couldn't get into it. I am so torn by The Returning by Christine Hinwood. Hinwood is undeniably a very talented writer. Though it took me awhile to get into the dialect that the characters speak, the writing is beautiful. The world created in The Returning is fully realized and memorable. The story told is bittersweet and haunting-- I'm sure it will stay with me for a long time to come. There is really so much to praise about this book, it's one-of-a-kind.I guess where I struggled with it was that I really wanted MORE. I wanted more of this world and these characters. There is so much going on that is merely implied in the story that I wished was a little more fully explored. Maybe that is just the way of life, to have things left unsaid between people-- to not have closure. However, because the world and the characters in The Returning are so rich and well-developed, I wish that Hinwood had gone deeper at certain points, rather than implying and skimming the surface. The Returning easily could have been twice as long, and I think would have been the better for it. I really liked The Returning, but I found it a little unsatisfying. I dearly hope that Hinwood writes another story set in this world.
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Amazing world-building, up there with Megan Whelan Turner and Melina Marchetta.
I expected book to be stronger as it was an award-winner.
It grew on me eventually, but it was hard to get into.
It was ok
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