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Bloody Kiss, Vol. 01 (2005)

Bloody Kiss, Vol. 01 (2005)

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This was my first manga book I have read and I think it is a good place to start. At first it was confusing to read but after a while I found myself reading it easily. The charicters are great, Kiyo is the main female, she is uptight and silly at the same time. Kuroboshi is a vampire who claimed kiyo as his bride, he is very possesive of kiyo which results in funny situations.Alshu (I'm pretty sure that's how you spell it) is kuroboshi's assistant and it took me a while to figure out for sure that he was a he. He's so funny and still not sure if he is gay but wtft (what the French toast) it doesn't matter. Any way if alshu is in it you will probably be rolling on the floor. there is a short story in the back called Angel Love Song which Is very cute, I wished it was longer.I will definatly read the next in the seiries. Bloody Kiss is a short story about a high school girl who inherits an old broken down mansion from her grandmother. What comes as a surprise though is that the mansion is inhabited by two vampires.I'll be honest and say that this story was OK. The main character, Kiyo, is a smart strong willed girl who can basically take care of herself and I like that about her. If you read a lot of shojo manga our heroines tend to be love struck girls who need saving every five seconds or they or on the opposite end of the spectrum and are annoyingly aggressive. Well Kiyo tends to lean towards the aggressive side of the spectrum (and usually when our male MC tries to make moves on her).There doesn't seem to be an underlying story but many little ones which doesn't help that the story is short already. We get little bits and pieces of Kiyo's and Kuroboshi back stories but its not enough. We know that Kiyo's father was falsely accused of a crime and she wants to be a lawyer but that's it, nothing else is told about that part of her life. We know that Kuroboshi is a dhampir and that he was an outcast because of it but that's it nothing more.There was a great potential for this story to be good if it was longer and allowed time for character and plot development and took out the little stories that never really added any substance to the romance that was supposed to be in here.

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Its really every girl's story just that this one comes with a vampire...........

It reminded a lot of Vampire Knight! And I didn't like the comparison~

Very good and the short story at the end was even better!!

les dessins sont beaux et l'histoire plutôt sympa

loved it

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