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Blue Lines (2013)

Blue Lines (2013)

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Loveswept - Random House

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Well I am sorry but I cannot give this any stars, You have two characters in this book, Piper who is a weak, pathetic, excuse for a woman and has put woman's rights back 100 years, and Eric a egotistical, nasty,childish, self centered piece of work, Piper who is expecting Eric's baby and appears to lick his feet and put up with all the crap he gives her, all I am saying is they deserve each other. I liked this book, it was the first book in this series that I have read and I really enjoyed it!I did find that the book was slow at times and I just wasn’t feeling the characters.Piper got on my nerves at times she seemed to be sticking her head in the sand hoping her problems would just go away.Erik was at times a douche but he did redeem himself too, so I had a loved hate relationship with both main characters.But once the bombshell was dropped the story really began and I really enjoyed it!There was nothing here to make this book special, to make it stand out from the crowd but It was a good read.

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I wasn't happy with Erik, but then everything started turning around and I ended up loving him

I need to gather my thoughts before I can review this isn't gonna end well.

I really enjoyed piper and Erik's story, esp the way he evolved.

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