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Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally) (2009)

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) (2009)
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054505592X (ISBN13: 9780545055925)
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Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally) (2009)
Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally) (2009)

About book: I liked the premise -- male character is a middle child boy raised by ex-football star now stay at home dad (whose oldest daughter inherited the football genes) and busy enterpreneurial mom, and he is obviously confused about his place in life and necessarily changing relationship to his best friend (who is a girl)... but story went flat. I'm probably expecting too much from a light poppy book for 4th graders. Also I take it that it's the start of a series, so maybe more will be revealed about all these other angles. Summary: ( and Holly are friends. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the two take care not to advertise the fact to their OTHER friends. Every day they walk a little ways to school and every day they split up before they arrive so that no one will see them walking together. The trouble between them, however, begins when Holly starts doing all these girly activities, like straightening her hair and doing her nails. Things pretty much go downhill from there. Bobby runs again Holly for student council representative, he gets stuck to a tree, she gets her dress ruined (by him), and egged on by their respective peers the two end up in an all out war. But when push comes to shove it's hard to truly abandon your real friends. Particularly when they come through for you in the end.My Comments:I heard Lisa Yee speak at a literature conference and I was very impressed so I was expecting more from this book than it delivered. It’s an amusing read that a third or fourth grade boy or girl would enjoy. There are some more unusual elements that don’t fit the standard formula – Bobby is of mixed race – Oriental and Caucasian, his dad is a retired football player, who has since become the stay at home dad and the PTA “lady”, while Bobby’s mom works. There are some funny moments, but the real appeal of this book is the boy vs girl relationships that take place at about 4th grade when friendships between boys and girls transform almost overnight, and members of the opposite sex are seen as the “enemy.” At 170 pages, it’s a quick read and there are lots of black and white illustrations (many of them full page.) Could appeal to both boys and girls, but mostly a boy’s read. Best for grades 3-5
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I really liked this book it was really funny I hope whoever reads this comment will like it to
Another one for Wimpy Kid fans to try--no comic strips though.
all i have to say is poor fish.
Book number 4 from SSYRA list.
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