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Bolt-Hole (2013)

Bolt-Hole (2013)

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1623805384 (ISBN13: 9781623805388)
Dreamspinner Press

About book Bolt-Hole (2013)

This was not an absolutely dreadful book. I'll start by saying that. Interracial gay love is not a very well explored genre and after reading this book, I see why. 'Bolt-Hole' has a great premise but the execution of the story is what deserves one star, in my opinion. I'm an openly Black, gay male and after reading this story, I felt more than a little offended. It does not appear that the author has actually met or interacted with any black people at all. Especially educated black people. The characters in this story are exactly that: characters that the author has clearly only seen on TV or in movies.Come on! Terelle has a degree.....IN JOURNALISM!!! Why is he speaking entirely in Ebonics?! I can understand if he speaks in Ebonics around the boys because it wouldn't make any sense to have him speaking with proper grammar around them when he's supposed to be trying to fit in and hide his deep dark shame. But he talks with a 'Blac-cent' the entire time!! I also find it hard to believe that Terrelle so willingly gave in to Colby, especially when he was presented as such a deep closet case with clear race issues. One minute his screaming mad at the cracker officer and the next he's complete putty under another white guy. The entire book came off as one of those dreaded Master-Slave fantasies that I try so hard to avoid. The damaged, poor, struggling black boy is saved by the big, strong, handsome white boy. Bolt Hole was not one of my favorite Lane books. Her writing can be brilliant, then she puts out something like this. Ugh. While I can appreciate he willingness to tackle the whole race issue, and what it means to be black and gay in the "hood" I felt as if it were overdone. Not only where these issues handled in like a week, I find it unbelievable that this guy managed to graduate with a journalism degree and still talk bad. All the time. Again I say, ugh!

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I different story but as usual Amy writes such interesting characters most enjoyable.

Likable characters. Plus a who-dun-it. Great storyline.

Excellent book.

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