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Bonefire Of The Vanities (2012)

Bonefire of the Vanities (2012)

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0312641877 (ISBN13: 9780312641870)
Minotaur Books

About book Bonefire Of The Vanities (2012)

Carolyn Haines never let's me down with her Sarah Booth Delaney series! A great mixture of a loving friendship/co-workers relationship, a love for animals, a loyalty to family history, a great supporting cast of characters and a spooky plot grab me every time. Plus, a love story that, yes, has its ups and downs, but always finds a way through in the end. A few surprises centering around the solving of the mystery was a wonderful twist! More of Aunt Loulane's " one liner" words to live by just seemed to touch more on the fact of how family is so important to Sarah Booth. I also loved how Jitty the Daliha House ghost, appeared as several different sleuths. Lastly, I am finally happy with the turn Coleman and Sarah Booth relationship has taken. Mutual respect, having each others back and genuine "friendship" love! A must read. I love Carolyn Haines, and I love this series! Every year I eagerly await the next chapter in the life of Sarah Booth Delany, her ghost Jitty, and her various friends and colleagues! Her latest book, Bonefire of the Vanities, is one more jewel in her crown of achievements. She slowly lures you into the story until you find yourself immersed in intrigue to the point of oblivion from the outside world. This is done with characters that appear so real you feel as though you are in a circle of personal friends. Each book has a more creative plot than the last and Bonefire of the Vanities is no exception.

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Jitty is a wonder! So what's a few more ghosts added to the mix? Quick,entertaining read.

Loved this one! Such an enjoyable read with all my favorite characters.

I like the whole Sarah Booth Delaney series.

Quick read, fun plot, not too deep

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