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Boots (2011)

Boots (2011)
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Amber Allure
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Boots (2011)
Boots (2011)

About book: Willem has lost everything: his job, his cheating lover, his home and his father all in a short period of time. All that he has left is $300, a backpack of clothes, a storage room of his stuff and the family cat, Puss. Puss's real name is Yorukaza he is a kasha or cat demon, who was banished by the sun god. He has been sent from master to master as a guide and to assist. 20 years ago he was sent to assist Willem and his family.Kasha's has bought it upon himself to find Willem and job, a home and a man to love, which will then make him obsolete and he will have to move on to the next master. However he has trouble with the new lover part of this assignment because Kasha it seems has developed feelings for Willem.What follows is a touching, fantastic adult fairy tail, with characters that are believable (even if it is a fairy tale) and a plot that is full of fun and exiting twist. The characters relationship is believable and heart warming because unlike some books which like to infer it, these characters complete each other.Martinez has created a heartwarming yet tragic tale that I will remember for years to come, with hot sex scenes, love, sacrifice and a cat that wears boots! I was spellbound and enchanted. Which is the purpose of a fairy tale, is it not? Just when life had already bought Willem low - betrayed by his lover, unemployed and homeless - Willem's father dies, leaving him $300 and a cat. Reeling from the blows that life has dealt him, Willem is sitting on a park bench, all his wordly possessions in a pack by his feet (well the cat is not in the pack, but it is sitting by his feet), when a voice startles him from his introspection. When he realizes that the voice is actually his cat talking, the story reveals itself to be a modern version of Puss in Boots.Martinez's version of this fairy tale is erotic, charming and touching, highlighted with some sly witty dialogue from the cat. I loved the fragments of Japanese folk tales that Angel inserted seamlessly into the story, as it bought something unexpected as well as adding a new depth. Both Willem and the cat's characters grow with the telling of the story, although in Willem's case, perhaps it was simply that more of his character was revealed. Like all good fairy tales, there is another message hidden within the story - it is never too late to grow, learn and love.
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Just like the Fairy tale only hot and gay and really sweet. Too short in my opinion but awesome!!
I wish the book had been longer. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the book and its characters.
Willem was a sweetheart but Kasha was the best part of the book.
Cute and sweet, if somewhat predictable and oversexed.
$4.80 at Amazon, not on Nook
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