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Border Town Girl (1985)

Border Town Girl (1985)
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Border Town Girl (1985)
Border Town Girl (1985)

About book: Two novellas John D. MacDonald. Border Town Girl was originally published in Dime Detective Magazine as "Five Star Fugitive". Both are unmistakably from the pen of JDM but are completely different. Border Town Girl is a story of conflict and characters that reminds me of his Mexican Border thriller The Damned (1952). Linda is JDM's competent man in an uncomfortable marital setting. Compare it with Cancel All Our Vows(1953). Well worthwhile reading.Thriller - Two Novellas: Border Town Girl (1950) - Linda (1956). Border Town Girl" is an interesting tale of redemption that unfolds in the unlikely setting of Baker, TX right on the Rio Grande. It is there that Lane Sanson, a washed up writer, meets Diana Saybree, a gangster's girlfriend. Against a backdrop of drug smuggling and murder, each manages to help the other reclaim their respective lives.In "Linda", narrator Paul Cowley is an intelligent but naive suburbanite who has been married for a number of years to the beautiful but shallow title character, Linda. As the compelling narrative unfolds, it becomes shockingly apparent that Paul has been living with someone he has never really known.

Thanks to Kevin Comer who posted as a guest post on D. R. Martin's blog Travis McGee & Me, Reflections on the Man from Slip F-18, Travis McGee & Me. Kevin recommended this and thought Linda was the better read and I agree. I picked up this "not Travis" JDM novella(s) but he should have named it "Linda" since in my opinion too, that was easily the better story of the two novellas.If you go to D. R.'s site (which I hope you will) you'll see that the entire blog is free for Kindle and how can you lose on free? It's a great reference source after a McGee is read since it has spoilers in every blog post. Linda...four stars * * * *, I really liked it, it was a great story, well, great solid story told as usual for JDM.Border Town Girl...three stars * * *, I liked it but Linda had, by far, the better storyline.Since I always round up, the book gets four stars and well worth a read. A treat especially if you're like me and love JDM's writing. And yes, I admit to being a bit biased. So shoot me.
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