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Born At Midnight (2011)

Born at Midnight (2011)

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0312624670 (ISBN13: 9780312624675)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Born At Midnight (2011)

I am down to the last book and i have to say there were only 2 things i didn't like. One was the repetition of certain dialogues between the same characters. Its like how many times can you complain about the same thing to the same person. And the other thing is the constant bickering between 2 characters. I wanted to yell, "Get the hell over it!" But other than that i love the story line and the romance. Although I did enjoy the story, this is definitely not a great example of the YA paranormal genre. The premise of a camp for supernaturals is a little shaky. I did like the aspect of Kylie not knowing what species she is, and it appears that a big part of the major arc of the series will be her search for her heritage. I do like the side characters--Della, Miranda, Derek, Lucas, Holiday and even the really side characters of Perry and Helen. I think the series has potential if you are looking for a really light read

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Wonderful indeed,ascending cliffhanger.

3.5 stars...but I round up.

Good story, writing ok.


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