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Born To Fly (2009)

Born to Fly (2009)

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About book Born To Fly (2009)

Born to Fly by Michael FerrariGenre: Historical FictionSummary:Eleven old Bird McGill loves to fly. Ever since she can remember she has been flying with her Dad. He even taught her to fly at a very young age. Suddenly, the life she had always known is changed forever. Her Dad is called to war. Her life is miserable until Kenji, a Japanese boy, comes to her school. After several misunderstandings, they become best friends.One day after an encounter with and enemy from their school, Kenji and Bird stumble upon an enemy spy submarine. The submarine is clearly and enemy of the United States. Every night since this discovery, they have tried to photograph the submarine and bring it to the police. But each time they almost get caught and find a new discovery. No one will believe them, but they keep pushing on to the truth. One night in particular, Kenji's uncle is falsely blamed for something he didn't do. Bird has to testify in court and has to make a life-changing decision. Should she tell the truth and risk her family's safety? In the end, she tells the truth knowing that her family might be punished because of her actions. Turns out the police superintendant has done some bad things that he shouldn't have and Bird stops him from doing anymore damage. After many devastating events, one being the death of her beloved Dad, Bird and her family take Kenji in because he has now lost his parents. They become lifelong friends and Bird realizes that things can't always stay the same. Answer to question:The neighbors really helped one another comforted one another through hard times. There was much more of a community feeling than there is now. One quote from the book is when her Mom tells Bird to go and help their neighbor because they had just lost their son in the war. Another quote is when Bird bumps into the policeman and he tells her that everything is going to be ok. He then shows her the way home and knows her family personally. Favorite part of the book:My favorite part of the book is when they discover all the interesting things like the corpse under the boat, the spy submarine and the ruins of a demolished factory. These elements kept me intrigued and I had my nose buried in the book anticipating what would happen next. Time Period:The time period that this books takes place in is during the beginning and middle of World War II. One way people lived different in this time period was that is much more simple. They didn't have electronics and had fun just being together, doing simple things. One page that best describes the time period is when they talk about the different colored stars in the windows of the houses. I enjoyed this book and I think you will too! Loved this book! I think girls and boys alike will enjoy this story of an 11-year-old girl named Bird in the early 1940s. Bird's father teaches her to fly a small plane before he goes to war. While he's gone a mystery ensues in the town but Bird is the only one who realizes that something not quite right is going on. No one believes her because of her vivid imagination. Ken-ji, an American boy with Japanese parents, moves to town to live with his uncle. The anti-Japanese sentiment during this time period plays a big part in the story as well. The end is full of adventure and a couple of unexpected heroes save the day.

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This book is amazing. I wish that the author would make a second or even a series.

Couldn't get through the first chapter, the writing was so awful.

A good book to help kids understand USA during WWII.

Great read. An especially fine YA novel.

Liked Bird, hated everything else

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