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Bottoms Up (2010)

Bottoms Up (2010)

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Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

About book Bottoms Up (2010)

This was very good for an erotic romance novella. (I often think there's too much trying to go on in an erotic romance for them to work unless they're pretty long. Sex can create a strong emotional connection, but for a HEA to be even slightly believable the couple has to talk, too--and talk beyond "Uh huh yeah right there baby you're so hot" etc.) Baker did a nice job of establishing character and backstory; the male protagonist makes some serious errors, but then there's some serious groveling, too. (I can't help but love a good groveling scene.) Conflict grows out of character, and the resolution of the conflict felt believable. In fact, I've just talked myself into upgrading the rating from a 4 to a 5. Destiny is bored. Being a good Domme is wonderful, but she is doing it for all the wrong reasons. Johnny's been watching Destiny. After all he owns the bar and club, but that's not why he watches her. He is drawn to her, but he is a Dom with a haunting past. Johnny offers Destiny a deal, switch and be his sub. Destiny decides to give it a try and to her bewilderment she thrives as Johnny's sub.There are a lot of twists and turns to this book, but I found myself drawn to Johnny's character. He did flub up a few times in the beginning with the BDSM protocols, but that just made me like him more knowing he was drawn to Destiny with passion.Destiny's character was fun to watch change from a wonderful Domme to enchanted sub. The transformation awakened her to what she really was feeling.There is a scene in the book that was a little tough, but it was there for a reason. The scene wasn't tough per say, but the timing of it was not right, and the heroine does call the hero out on it.This is a quick, but fun and at times intense read. I was avoiding for a while, but now glad I finally picked it up!

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Great characters and super steamy scenes of the kinky variety equals one great read!!

3.5I like it when a Domme/Dom takes a turn on the sub side.

A decent read.

3,5 stars.


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