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Bound By Flame (2008)

Bound by Flame (2008)

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0345498542 (ISBN13: 9780345498540)
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About book Bound By Flame (2008)

Bound By Flame hits it off with pulse pounding action, it erupts from the pages with blazing fury and threw me into the back alley where Cynda and Nick get attacked. One thing's for sure, Anna Windsor knows how to make me sit up and pay attention from the first chapter, cause immediately a new threat is revealed that reeled me into the world of the Sybils again. When the Sybils loose one of their own the pages seem to scream with emotion, the feeling of loss almost overwhelming but the Sybils possess a resilience that wills them to fight back, conquer that what tries to bring them down and they had me rooting for them every step of the way. At the heart of the Sybil community are three dynamic women, Riana, Merilee and Bound By Flame centers more around Cynda, the Fire Sybil. And boy does she burn up this story! I thoroughly enjoyed to get more closely acquainted with Cynda and her fiery personality. It speaks of and is fueled by such passion, emotions and a caring heart. I love the manner in which the author portrays the females/Sybils in her stories, she knows what makes a woman tick and it allows me to feel a part of this Sisterhood, this clan of warrior women that fight the Asmodia, Astaroth and so on to keep mankind safe. Nick is just about as different from Creed as apple's are from pears. To see Nick in my mind's eye meditate to keep his "Other" named Gideon in check is one of those character details I revel in as a reader. It makes every character come to life, become 3-D and I spend every available minute reading Bound By Flame. The dynamic between Nick/Gideon is humorous at times and at others a bit dangerous but without a doubt undeniable a part of each other. While Creed had to discover his "Other" Nick is almost comfortable within his own skin and then there's Jake, he is wrapped in mystery and I can't wait to sink my teeth in his story. The romance is equal to the suspense and action-laden storyline but Cynda makes it sizzle, and well, Nick knows how to make Cynda sizzle. Just like with Creed and Raina, Nick and Cynda have a silent eye communication that adds depth to gestures, emotions and their growing feelings. Their thread so fragile at first but rapidly growing and gaining strength, it made me gobble it all up, gorging myself in their romance. When Cynda receives an ultimatum by her Motherhous it tore through me and I can only commend Anna Windsor's for her appealing writing style that can irrevocably make me care so much about each character! Safe to say I was completely absorbed by the romance and the revealing plotline. It worked superbly together, neither had the absolute leading role but both enhanced one another's impact. It is Nick and Cynda whom light up this book like a match to dry wood, though the actual lovemaking is few, the level of sensuality is scorching the pages and makes their attraction all the more palpable. The problems rise quickly which sets them as a couple for multi life-altering decisions. This in combination with the plot at hand makes the tension rocket from the pages and I was NOT to be disturbed, NOT under any circumstances! The visual Anna Windsor gave me of the riveting events unfolding in the end made my pulse thunder and Nick and Cynda immortalized themselves as a romance couple! If there is one major secondary character that had me from the first moment it is Andy and her story development is one I swiftly could decipher but to see it confirmed, oh my, what possibilities! With the last page read I could only hunger for Bound By Light and I know that it will not take long for it will be devoured, I can impossibly speak of reading because the need to know how things progress is a hunger that demands instead of asks. Unquestionably top notch writing from Anna Windsor! Great read! Another outstanding action oriented paranormal. The heroine is the second Sibyl of the triad, a worker of elemental fire magic. When she was six, her parents abandoned her to Motherhouse Ireland where fire sibyls are raised and trained. Now assigned to the Manhattan triad her life is disrupted by Creed's half-demon brother who insists on protecting her from the threat against all fire sibyls and her especially. He also refuses to believe she doesn't DO relationships...Order REALLY matters with this series...Dark Crescent Sisterhood:1 Bound by Shadow2 Bound by Flame 3 Bound by Light

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I love these characters. This book made me want to become part of their world.

Perfect balance of good story and good sex.

Really like this series


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