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Bound By Him (2013)

Bound by Him (2013)
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Bound By Him (2013)
Bound By Him (2013)

About book: too good to be true lah... ga ada cowo kek Andrew (dan namanya ber "Drew" lagih)Whitney, si heroine ortunya udah meninggal pas die masih kecil, trus hak asuh jatuh ke tangan pamannya yg jahat, di abuse, di perkosa dari kecil.Hingga suatu hari die ketemu sama Andrew, temen kakak temen baeknya (temennya Chloe dan Andrew ini temennya Danniel), mereka ketemu pas Whitney 15th dan Andrew 6th di atas dia berarti 21 yakmasih ABG untuk ukuran menemukan cinta sejati #eaaahhh Andrew menyelamatkan Whitney dr pamannya, dgn segala macam koneksi yg keluarganya punya, Andrew bisa apa ya istilahnya memutus hak asuh? yah.. gitu lah pokoknyaHingga kemudian Whitney hampir berumur 18th yg secara umur ude dewasa dan ga perlu wali lagi, pamannya marah dan gedor2 rumah Whitney, whit yg ketakutan telp Andrew tp sayangnya pamannya keburu bisa masukpokoknya Whitney ga sengaja deh bunuh pamannya, pas Andrew dateng die ude berlumuran darah dgn pisau ditanganAndrew bilang kl Whitney kaga pernah ada dirumah, semua Andrew yg ngelakuin dan die bilang kalo dgn koneksi keluarganya die bisa bebas dst dst2th keluarganya Andrew nego sama FBI dst, dan Andrew musti masuk penjara tp ky kerja sosial gitu di pulau yg khusus untuk orang2 kek politisi gitu deh..Andrew bilangnya die mau ke middle east buat ngurusin kerjaan ke Whitney dan akan kembali, pokoknya pasti kembali. **bingung jg si, kenapa musti boong untuk hal2 kek giniPokoknya 3th kemudian Andrew balik ke Chicago untuk mengklaim hak miliknya atas Whitney, tp apa whitney mau menerima Andrew begitu saja?lah setaunya Whitney kan Andrew pergi buat bisnis dan ilang gitu aja.. fyuhditambah, ada seseorang yg tau kejadian sebenernya dan berusaha memeras Whitney.. baca deh.. lumayan XD I am loving this series, each book seems to get better and better and gets me more and more excited about the books to come. I said before that I wish these books were longer and I do but thats only because they are so good. Red Garnier knows how to not only write but how to write the perfect novella. I don't feel like her books are novellas, I never feel like I was missing important information or a connection to the characters that sometimes happens in short books. I'm always left with a smile on my face and excitement for more Red Garnier.Whitney and Andrew were in love and planned to be together forever Andrew saved Whitney from an abusive home life and they became each others everything. There was never anyone else for Whitney Andrew was her everything. Then Andrew left for three years, Whitney agreed to wait for him but after two years the letters stopped and Whitney didn't hear from him till he walked back in her life a year later.Andrew loved Whitney with his whole heart. Once he saw her she was it for him and he happily waited for her till she was old enough. Andrew would do anything to protect her and make her happy, And he did. He would never voluntarily leave her for a day let alone three years. But Whitney has been through enough so Andrew keeps the reason for his absence from Whitney. Now back in Chicago Andrews only thought is getting Whitney back.Whitney can't deny her feeling for Andrew but her distrust is just as strong, she knows he will have to work at getting her back and gaining her trust. As Whitney and Andrew reconnect Whitney can't deny that she never stopped loving Andrew, and Andrew can't help but see the changes in Whitney and he starts to question his decision to keep the reason for his absence from Whitney. When Whitney gets a letter blackmailing her Andrew and Whitney's life together will be threatened and Andrew will stop at nothing to make sure Whitney is safe.I can't wait to read the rest of this series and other books from Red Garnier. She is so talented and has a way with words.This series is one that I know I can turn to for a great quick read. Her heroes are the perfect mix of demanding, strong, possessive heroes that I want to take home, and the wide range of heroines is a nice surprise. This book surprised me, it was nothing like I thought it would be. I was so surprised by the story line in this book, and it was executed perfectly it makes me want to find more books just like this because it was just so good.
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Another great book from this billionaire series. I love this book. Good read.
Lori's pick for the week of 6/30/13.
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